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Internships FAQs
What is eRecruiting?
eRecruiting is an electronic job posting board that we have at the university.  Every student has an account on this system.  Any internships that we have information about is posted on eRecruting, so that students can log into the system and search for opportunities that pertain to their interest and field.  In addition, students are required to apply to many of these internship opportunities via eRecruiting, so it to their benefit that they familiarize themselves with how it works.
Do I have to get an internship through eRecruiting to get credit?
No, you are more than welcome to search for internships from other sites or through your own contacts.
Where else can I look for internships besides eRecruiting?
Remember to utilize your networking four ‘F’s:
  • Friends
  • Family Members
  • Faculty
  • Fellow Classmates
I did an internship last semester. Can I get credit for it this semester?
No, past experience cannot be applied for credit. 
I work full-time. Can my current job count as an internship?
Internships are learning-based experiences, so they must relate to your major and involve opportunities for significant learning.  Additional arrangements may have to be discussed with your supervisor.
I’m really nervous about my upcoming internship interview.  What can I do to prepare?
Career and Employment Services (CES) in Wilder Tower offers mock interviews.  You can set up an appointment by calling 678-2239.
I’m not sure if my resume format is adequate. Where can I go for help?
Things to consider for your resume include: honors, awards, achievements, extracurricular activities, certifications in software programs, special knowledge and skills, club memberships, leadership positions, volunteer work, and, of course work experience.   Do not discount your work experience just because it may not relate to the job you’re applying for; transferable skills are very valuable.
How long do internships usually last?  How many hours per week are required?
On average, internships last a few months, but it can vary from employer to employer. Interns usually work part-time during the week (15-20 hours/week). Employers can be flexible towards student schedules.
Are internships paid? What is the general pay range?
Internships are generally paid. Some employers may require school credit for compensation if the internship is unpaid.

The average pay for FCBE interns is approximately $12/hour.
How many students get full-time offers?
A recent survey of employers by the National Association of Colleges and Employers indicated that almost 2/3rds of interns were offered full-time positions upon completion of their internship experience.
What companies offer internships?
We have received internship opportunities from FedEx, Wright Medical Technology, Morgan Keegan, CH Robinson Worldwide, Inc., UBS Financial Services, Oden Marketing & Design, ThyssenKrupp Elevator, ALSAC/St. Jude’s Research Hospital, ServiceMaster, and Dunavant Enterprises, Inc. just to name a few.
How far along do I have to be in my academic program to obtain an internship?
This is usually up to the company and its needs and requests.  For credit, you need to be at least of junior status (60 hours) and have 15 hours of upper division level coursework successfully completed.
How beneficial is an internship?
Very! An internship can provide you with the opportunity to ‘try out’ a particular profession. You might think of this as a long first date! In addition, more and more employers today are treating internships as their primary talent pipeline. Many firms have moved to only hiring former interns for full-time positions.
Who do I contact for more information about internships or the status of my application?
LaToya Chavers
Associate Director of Internships, Recruitment, and Scholarships, 901-678-3905
I am seeking interns to work for my company. Who do I contact?
LaToya Chavers
Associate Director of Internships, Recruitment, and Scholarships, 901-678-3905

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