Undergraduate Graduation

If you're getting close to graduation (90 or more credit hours), don't hesitate to apply to graduate.

  • First check the Registrar's page for relative dates and deadlines concerning graduation.

  • To Apply to Graduate you need to log into your myMemphis page, and click on the My Degree tab. On the right hand side follow steps 1-4 in the Commencement and Graduation box.

  • After you have applied to graduate your application will be reviewed and you will receive an email indicating if you were approved, or if you are not quite ready.

  • Once you have applied and are eligible to graduate, your permit for MGMT 4710 will be issued. MGMT 4710 cannot be taken until your final semester and correlates with your intent to graduate.

  • If you need to be moved to a different graduation term, or need to add or drop classes, please contact your Graduation Analyst, Cody Sacks.

  • If you have been approved to graduate your name will be added to the commencement list and you will begin receiving emails from the Commencement Office in regards to their dates and deadlines for attending the ceremony.

If you have any questions feel free to contact Fogelman's Graduation Analyst:

Cody Sacks