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Business Finance Concentration
The business finance concentration focuses on decisions concerning stocks, bonds, fixed-income securities, derivatives, foreign exchange, capital markets, capital budgeting and financial management of corporations.

Whether working in private industry, government, or for non-profit organizations, the Business Finance Concentration will prepare you to:

  • Develop and monitor operating budgets and financial control systems
  • Conduct financial analysis to aid in corporate control, advise investors, and design optimal investment portfolios
  • Design and promote financial products for use by industry, banks, and other financial institutions
  • Analyze the profitability of alternative investment options and make recommendation of likely investment outcomes

Career Opportunities

A wide range of opportunities exists for financial analysts, budget analysts, loan officers, stockbrokers, portfolio managers, investment brokers and other financial advisors. According to U.S. government sources, employment in many finance areas are expected to grow faster than average in the future.

Scholarships and Internships:

Many scholarship opportunities are available for qualified students majoring in finance with a concentration in business finance. Internships are available in industrial corporations, banks, thrift institutions and securities firms.

Course Requirements:

In addition to the College of Business (B.B.A) course requirements (see Undergraduate Catalog Finance homepage), the Finance major with a concentration in business finance requires 24 course hours.

Finance Major with a Concentration in Business Finance Requirements*
( Typical 4 year sequence )

Required Courses: (12 hours)
FIR 3720 (3) Financial Markets (Prerequisite:  FIR 3410)
FIR 4440 (3) Managerial Finance (Prerequisite:  FIR 3410)
FIR 4610 (3) Cases in Managerial Finance (Prerequisites:  FIR 4440)
FIR 3710 (3)
FIR 4730 (3)
Investments (Prerequisite:  FIR 3410)
Financial Analysis and Certifications (Prerequisite: FIR 3410)
Choose 4 courses as directed: (12 hours)
      At least three from:
FIR 3310 (3) Real Estate Principles
FIR 4310 (3) Real Estate Law
FIR 4320 (3) Real Estate Finance
FIR 4331 (3) Stock Portfolio Management – TVA Investment Challenge
FIR 4340 (3) Real Estate Appraisal
FIR 4350 (3) Real Estate Investment
FIR 4550 (3) International Finance (Prerequisite: FIR 3410)
FIR 4710 (3) Commercial Banking (Prerequisite:  FIR 3410)
FIR 4720 (3) Management of Financial Institutions (Prerequisites:  FIR 3410, 3720)
FIR 4721 (3) Financial Derivative Markets (Prerequisite:  FIR 3710)
FIR 4770 (3) Security Analysis & Portfolio Management (Prerequisite:  FIR 3710)
FIR 4911 (3) Internship in Finance
(2.75 GPA, 15 hours completed in Upper Division Core)
      (B)  No more than one from:
FIR 4870 (3) Risk Management (Prerequisite: FIR 3410)
ECON 4112 (3) Organizational Economics (Prerequisite:  ECON 2020)
ECON 4120 (3) Economic Forecasting (Prerequisite:  SCMS 3711 or equivalent)
MIS 3775 (3) Database and Information Management
(Prerequisite or corequisite:  MIS 3210)

Minor Requirements:

For students whose major is in another department in The Fogelman College of Business and Economics: 9 upper division hours in finance approved by the finance undergraduate career advisor or department chair.

For students whose major is within another college at the University: (21 hours) ACCT 2010; ECON 2020; FIR 3410, 3710, 3720. Six additional upper division hours approved by the finance undergraduate career advisor or department chair.

* Listed requirements are valid for the 2013 catalog. A minimum 2.25 GPA is required in the major.

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