Public Information Policy

The UM Foundation is a not-for-profit corporation organized in 1964 in the State of Tennessee. The Foundation has qualified as a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Gifts to the Foundation are deemed to be made to a qualified organization and are deductible under Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. The relationship between the Foundation and the University is set out under a written agreement that expressly recognizes the UM Foundation as a separate and distinct legal entity and not an agent of the University.

The UM Foundation is committed to aiding the University in fulfilling the University's mission of excellence. To succeed in this commitment, the Foundation must earn and maintain the trust of past, present, and future contributors. A contributor's trust in the Foundation is enhanced when there is openness and communication. For this reason the Foundation voluntarily makes public the following information:

This voluntary disclosure of information is in addition to all materials the Foundation is required to disclose by law. The UM Foundation respects the rights of our donors to keep their gifts and personal information private.