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Selected Government Publications Dealing with American History


Serial Set 1789-Present
Contains House & Senate Reports, committee reports which accompany bills voted out of committee. These reports are important in establishing legislative intent. Also contains House & Senate Documents which include a variety of material such as presidential messages, some agency annual reports, and reference works such as House & Senate Manual.
Online: American State Papers
Fiche: American State Papers- 91st Congress
Paper: 1966- Row 28 Government Publications

U.S. Serial Set Index
Indexes for Serial Set containing documents in microfiche from 1789 to 1969 located in Learning Commons.
Online: Congressional Universe index for Serial Set (Documents NOT included)
Print: Learning Commons (Microfiche documents located in Government Publications)

House Journal & Senate Journal
Official record of the proceedings of Congress mandated by the Constitution. Includes motions, votes, names & numbers of bills etc. Debates are NOT included. Found by many researchers to be more accurate than the predecessors of the Record.
Online: House Journal & Senate Journal
Fiche: 1st - 95th Congress
Current: in print & fiche

Congressional Record 1873- (Annals of Congress, Register of Debates, Congressional Globe, 1789-1872.)
Official record of the proceedings of Congress mandated by the Constitution. Includes motions, votes, names and numbers of bills, debates & extension of remarks. All titles are online at the Library of Congress.
Online: Library of Congress
Film, fiche, and print: Government Publications & Remote

Committee Hearings 1965-
Expert witnesses from all sectors of society provide views on proposed legislation, matters of public concern, the suitability of presidential appointments, etc. Indexed by CIS Congressional Universe. Paper indexes are also available in the Learning Commons.
Online: Over 7,000 recent hearings are hotlinked full-text in the Library online catalog.
Print: Government Publications 1965-present.

Committee Prints 1830-
Committee Print Index Located in Government Publications Reading Room.
Prepared by committee staffs, Library of Congress, Congressional Research Service, or independent consultants, the purpose of committee prints is to provide members with the background information necessary to consider issues of national policy. The Index for 1789 to 1969 is in print; current prints are indexed in CIS Congressional Universe
Fiche: 1830-1969 Government Publications
Print: 1966-present

Statutes at Large 1789-
A compilation of public and private laws in order of passage.
Online: V. 1 to 18 (1789-1875)
Online: V. 118 only
Print: Row 11 of Government Publications - 1789 - present

Letters of Delegates to Congress 1774 - 1789, vols. 1-26
This project, begun in 1970, arranges letters to the delegates in chronological order.
Online: Letters
Print: Row 21 of Government Publications LC 1.34:

Journals of the Continental Congress 1774-1789
One of the most important sources for documentary publications on the American Revolution and Continental and Confederation Congresses. Index volume is shelved with the collections.
Online: Journals Library of Congress
Online: Journals Yale University
Print: Row 21 of Government Publications LC 4.5:

Lexis Nexis Congressional Universe
Online databases which index and provide full-text Congressional publications, legislative histories, and bill tracking from 1970 to present. Years for full-text vary according to publications type.

Lexis Nexis Congressional Indexes, 1789-1968
Online database which provides citations fro Congressional publications. Search by subject, Congressional committee, title, witness, and bill number CIS U.S. Serial Set Index, 1817-1969, includes the American State Papers, CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Hearing Index, CIS Indexes to Unpublished Congressional Committee Hearings, CIS U.S. Congressional Committee Print Indexes, and CIS Index to U.S. Senate Executive Documents and Reports.


Messages & Papers of the Presidents George Washington through Warren G. Harding. Presidential proclamations, addresses, messages, & communications to Congress.
Online: University of Pennsylvania
Print: Row 11 of Government Publications Filed with Public Papers of President

Public Papers of the Presidents
Herbert Hoover through Barack Obama. Proclamations, messages to Congress, speeches, statements to the press etc.
Online: University of Michigan
Print: Hoover through Reagan (middle) Row 11; Reagan to present Row 3

CIS Index to US Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909
The CIS Index to US Executive Branch Documents, 1789-1909 and its companion microfiche collection give researchers precise access to documents from federal executive agencies in existence during the time covered by the US government's Checklist of United States Public Documents. We recently purchased the Index for 1910-1932 without the accompanying microfiche.
Print: Index in Government Publications

Impeachment Documents Relating to the U.S. Presidents
Documents for Andrew Johnson, Richard M. Nixon, William J. Clinton
Online: Auburn University
Online: History of Impeachment of Andrew Johnson
Print: Government Publications (Nixon & Clinton)

Presidential Directive & Executive Orders
The National Security Council (NSC) is the principal forum for Presidential consideration of foreign policy issues and national security matters. Pursuant to policy review directives, the NSC gathers facts and views of appropriate Government agencies, conducts analyses, determines alternatives, and presents to the President policy choices for decision. The President's decisions are announced by decision directives. Includes selected documents from Truman through Bush.
Online: Federation of American Scientists

Guide to Federal Records in the National Archives
Three volume set Online: National Archives
Print: Government Publications - AE 1.108:G 94/v.1-3

Foreign Relations of the United States
The official documentary historical record of major U.S. foreign policy decisions and significant diplomatic activity. Documents the facts and events that contributed to the formulation of policies. Published 30 years after the events recorded.
Online: Truman thru Johnson
Paper: Government Publications - Row 24, S 1.1:


U.S. Reports 1754 - present
Decisions & Opinions from the Supreme Court.
Online: Vols. 502 thru 542
Online: FindLaw 1893 to present
Print: Government Publications - Ju 6.8:
Class is using Landmark Briefs & Arguments of the Supreme Court Gov. Pub. Study Room

Code of Federal Regulations
Rules and regulations of the Executive branch.
Online: Current CFR
Print: Government Publications

Miscellaneous Online Historical Documents

Yale University Avalon Project

Library of Congress American Memory

Cornell University Making of America

Google U.S. Patents

Southern Methodist University - World War II

Oklahoma State University - Kappler's Indian Affairs: Laws & Treaties

University of Maryland, Thurgood Marshall Law Library, Historical Publications of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights



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