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Federal Government Information

National Gambling Impact Study Commission

Avoiding Problems-Gaming Filing requirements with the IRS when wagering.

Internet Gambling Prohibition Act Senate Subcommttee on Judiciary

National Gaming Impact Study - Oversight Hearing Senate Committee on Indian Affairs

PL104-169 Public Act Establishing Commission

Report on Lotteries National Gambling Impact Study Commission

Supreme Court

Greater New Orleans Broadcasting Assn., Inc. v U.S. - 98-387 Case determining advertising of gaming on broadcast media across state lines.

State Government Information

Tennessee Lottery Information

Mississippi Gaming Commission

Mississippi Council on Problem and Compulsive Gambling

Mississippi Community and Business Profiles - Mississippi Development Authority

Tennessee Code Annotated. Title 39, Chapter 17
"Offenses Against Public Health, Safety and Welfare"
Part 5 Gambling

Mississippi Code Annotated. Title 75,
Regulation of Trade Commerce and Investments
Chapter 76. Mississippi Gaming Control Act

University Publications

Gambling in Minnesota-St. Cloud State University. Various studies on the Minnesota State Lottery.

Gaming Resources on the Net-University of Nevada, Reno Libraries.

Gaming Selected Internet Resources - University of Nevada Las Vegas Libraries.

Gambling Impact & Behavior Study University of Chicago - National Opinion Research Center. Includes reports on gambling behavior and an analysis of casino operations.

Selected Media Transcripts
"Negative and Positive Effects Legalized Gambling Has Had on What Once Was Known as One of the Country's Poorest Communities" National Public Radio All Things Considered June 21, 1999. Economic effects of the gaming industry on Tunica County, Mississippi are examined. Available: NewsBank (UofM Only)

"What Casinos Can Do To Help Fight Poverty" ABC News World News Tonight with Peter Jennings July 6, 1999 The employment opportunities in the Mississippi Delta region have changed the area dramatically. Available: NewsBank (UofM Only)

"Easy Money" PBS Frontline June 10, 1997 An examination of the gaming industry's explosive growth in the U.S. Discussions include opponents and advocates and statistics on casino attendance.

Newspaper & Magazine Articles

Mississippi Business Journal-Archives Numerous articles from 1995 to present on gaming and gambling in Mississippi are available in the free MBJ's archives. Registration is required.

The Tunica Times Online since May, 2000, The Tunica Times is the weekly newspaper for the county reporting on all local development in the region.

"Earning-wise, Tunica Casinos Experience a Run of Bad Luck" David Flaum. The Commereical Appeal April 8, 2001. The current winter has been a bit disappointing for Tunica Casinos. Available: Academic Universe (UofM Only)

"In America: Mississippi Learning" Herbert, Bob. New York Times May 13, 1999, p.A31. New economic prosperity brings problems with new public school construction on the Mississippi Delta. Available: Academic Universe (UofM Only)

"New School for Robinsonville Growth Is a Tall and Biased Tale, Opponents Say" Johnson, Rob. Commercial Appeal June 27, 1999, p. A1. Location of new school in Robinsonville, Missippippi brings new and old problems. Available: Academic Universe (UofM Only)

"University Offers Help to Gamblers" Tennessean July 7, 1999, p.2B. The Center for Problem Gambling at The University of Memphis offers counseling sessions for problem gamblers. Available: NewsBank   (UofM Only)

"Hard-luck Cases Abound at Hearing" Associated Press State and Local Wire. September 11, 1998. Hearing in Biloxi, Mississippi before a panel of the National Gaming Impact Study Commission. Available: Newsbank (UofM Only)

"More Road Tourists Say: Tunica or Bust: Mississippi, Memphis Profit from 'Hot Spot'" Commercial Appeal, June 21, 1998
Report on an AAA Auto Club South survey ranking Tunica County among its top three "hot Spots" for summer travel. Available: (UofM Only)

"Casino Road Would Reach into East Memphis; House Votes for More Desoto Highway" Commercial Appeal, April 2, 1997
Mississippi's plans to improve Highway 304, speeding drivers from East of Memphis to Tunica County. Available: (UofM Only)

"Economic Tides Turn Profits Ebb at Many of Tunica's Casionos"Commercial Appeal, December 17, 2000
Available: Academic Universe (UofM Only)

"Votes Keep Tennessee Out of Legalized Gambling Loop" Atlanta Constitution, May 7, 1998
Tennessee remains one of the few states in the South without legalized gambling. AvailableUofM Only)

"High-Rollin' on the River: In Rural Tunica County, Mississippi, Riverside Gambling Has Sprouted into a Billion-Dollar Cash Crop" Washington Post, December 14, 1997
A travel story which describes the Mississippi Delta casinos and Tunica County. Available: (UofM Only)

"Gambling, Mississippi Style" Governing Magazine, vol. 8, no. 7, p. 40, 1995.
Regulation of the gambling industry in Mississippi. Available:(UofM Only)

National Sources


American Gaming Association

Gamblers Anonymous

Gambling Problems Resource Center - Minnesota Institute of Public Health

Gaming Studies Research Center - UNLV

National Center for Responsible Gaming

National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling

National Council on Problem Gambling


Inter-University Consortium For Political & Social Research


California Indian Gaming News

PressPlus The Press of Atlantic City Online

Publications (American Gaming Association)


Gaming Impact & Behavior Study - Self Administered Questionnaire

Open Directory - Gambling policy sites

Problem Gambling Research University of Minnesota

State Gaming Commissions

Colorado Florida
Indiana Michigan
Nevada New Jersey Casino
New Jersey Gaming Washington

State Lotteries Commissions

Arizona California
Delaware Florida
Idaho Indiana
Kansas Kentucky
Minnesota Oregon
Virginia West Virginia


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