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The national laboratory system is a great place to get acquainted with government scientific information. Many of the major labs have public outreach sections with lots of useful information for teachers and students. Here is a sampling.

Argonne National Laboratory
Included here are several sites that are interactive and student and teacher friendly. Information on field trips, teacher curriculums and interactive websites for students.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Virtual Frog Dissection Kit
A virtual dissection of "Fluffy" the frog.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Hands-on Universe
Students investigate the universe using concepts of math, science, and technology.

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory - Contributions of Glenn Seaborg
A complete lesson on the life and contributions of Chemistry Nobel Prize Winner, Glenn Seaborg.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory - MicroWorlds
A site for high school students and teachers dealing with materials sciences, explaining the physics and chemistry of everyday materials. Great demonstrations included.

Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory - The Particle Adventure
An interactive tour of the atom. Great graphics and the site has won several awards.

Sandia National Laboratory -Science Education and Outreach
Several sites that deal exclusively with science education. The K-12 site includes tips on teaching and demonstrations for even the youngest students.

Oak Ridge National Laboratory - Computational Science Education Project
CSEP is an electronic book for teaching Computational Science and Engineering. The intended audience is students in science and engineering at the advanced undergraduate level and higher. Tutorials for freely available networking and visualization software are included and have attracted a range of users, including high-school students.

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The Fragile Fringe: Guides for teaching about Coastal Wetlands. Site contains teacher programs and lesson plans on the Wetlands.

NASA Educational Links
NASA has many educational sites. This link will take you to our listing of them.

Los Alamos National Laboratory - Educational Resources
This site contains lessons and programs for K-12 students as well as teacher enhancement and computer equipment programs all funded through the Department of Energy.

Jefferson Laboratory - Educational Services
An accelerator facility in Virginia, the Jefferson Lab offers teacher and curricula enhancements programs in physics.

Fermi National Laboratory - Fermilab Education Page
A complete array of programming for students and teachers.

National High Magnetic Field Laboratory - Educational Programs
A K-12 site with programs and curriculum on Physics in association with Florida State University.


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