Graduate School Expenses

Information in this catalog concerning fees, tuition, deposits, refunds, and the like is applicable to students enrolled in the Graduate School. It is intended to cover the situations that most students enrolled in the Graduate School will encounter. However, the University may have additional policies and procedures by which fees and charges are implemented or that apply to unusual situations. Similar information for students enrolled in the University's undergraduate colleges and the School of Law is provided in the catalogs of those schools.

All university fees and charges are calculated and assessed consistent with policies and procedures of the Tennessee Board of Regents and The University of Memphis. The listing of any fee or incidental charge in this catalog does not constitute a contract between the University and the student. Because of rapidly changing conditions, it may be necessary to alter a fee structure before the next edition of the catalog is published. As a condition of registration, each student will pay the fees in effect for the semester for which he or she registers. The University will usually collect the amount of fees due at the time of registration each semester in accordance with the residency classification and fee rates in effect. After all enrollments are complete, any over-collections will be refunded and students will be billed for any under-collections.

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