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I. Description of Program

The Women's and Gender Studies Program offers a graduate certificate program for students seeking work beyond the bachelor's level, whether for self-enrichment or to enhance a master’s or doctoral degree program. Program objectives are: (1) development of interdisciplinary understanding of the social, political, and cultural roles of gender; (2) an appreciation of and the ability to synthesize theoretical perspectives on gender and race from both the humanities and the social sciences.

All graduate students must comply with the general requirements of the Graduate School (see Admissions Regulations, Academic Regulations, and Minimum Degree Requirements) as well as the program requirements of the degree being pursued.

II. Graduate Certificate Program in Women’s and Gender Studies

The Graduate Certificate in Women’s and Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program open to students currently admitted to any graduate program at the University of Memphis. It is also available to graduate students enrolled at another institution, as well as to individuals holding a graduate degree who wish to pursue further professional credentials. The program draws on the expertise of faculty from different departments and colleges, including the Colleges of Arts and Sciences, Education, and Business; therefore, the academic program for each student will be individually crafted in consultation with the Women’s and Gender Studies advisors.

The certificate provides recipients with a specific and documented knowledge of Women’s and Gender Studies. Not only an advantage to those pursuing advanced degrees in related fields, the certificate program satisfies the demands of a labor market increasingly oriented toward those trained in managing diversity and services for women.

A. Admission to the Program

  1. Students currently admitted to a graduate program at the University of Memphis or other university, as well as students already holding a graduate degree, may apply for admission to the Graduate Certificate Program in Women’s and Gender Studies.
  2. For students enrolled in a graduate program, a minimum undergraduate GPA of 2.8 is required for admission.
  3. Students must apply to both the certificate program and the Graduate School. To apply, students submit:
    1. Transcript of undergraduate degree program and transcripts of prior and current graduate study
    2. A letter describing reasons why the student is interested in pursuing a graduate certificate in the area of Women’s and Gender Studies and how the program corresponds with prior experience and anticipated career plans
    3. GRE scores are required and are an important factor in admission
    4. A minimum score of 550 on the TOEFL and a minimum score of 50 on the Test of Spoken English (for students whose native language is not English)

B. Program Requirements

  1. The certificate program requires completion of twelve (12) semester credit hours.
  2. Three (3) credit hours must be met by satisfactory completion of either SOCI 7421 Racial and Social Inequality or SOCI 7422 Race/Class/Gender.
  3. Nine (9) remaining hours will be selected in consultation with the Women’s and Gender Studies advisors and prior to enrolling in the class to assure the courses include or treat centrally material relevant to the Certificate students. Course content may vary depending on the instructor and will not always be pertinent to the study of women and gender.
  4. Select at least one course from the humanities group and one course from the social science group (courses from graduate programs that incorporate women's and gender issues, such as in the courses below, will be considered for inclusion as an approved elective):
    1. Humanities Courses:
      COMM 6364 Voices/American Women
      COMM 6856 Women and Film
      ENGL 7451 Women and Literature
      ENGL 7469 African American Women Writers
      HIST 6056 Sex/Desire/Modern Europe
      HIST 6213 Women/Gender/Latin America
      HIST 6289 African Women’s History
      HIST 6831 History of the American Family
      HIST 6851 History Women in America
      HIST 6853 African American Women
      HIST 6863 History of Childhood in America
      HIST 7060/8060 Women/Gender/Historiography
      HIST 7061/8061 Studies Women/Gender History
      MUHL 6013 Women and Music
      PHIL 6441 Recent Continental Philosophy
      PHIL 7020 Seminar on Major Figure
      WMST 7320 Women and Multicultural Expression
    2. Social Science Courses:
      ANTH 6551 Culture/Sex/Childbirth
      COUN 7723 Human Sexuality
      COUN 7751 Gender Issues in Counseling
      COUN 7752 Counseling GLBT
      PSYC 7219 Social and Personality Development
      SOCI 7212 Multiracial Feminist Theory
      SOCI 7410 Sociology of Gender
      SOCI 7421 Racial and Social Inequality
      SOCI 7422 Race/Class/Gender
      SOCI 7853 Gender and Health
  5. Students are encouraged to take most of their courses at the 7000 level but up to two courses (6 hours) at the 6000 level are permissible.
  6. Because the program is interdisciplinary, at least three (3) hours of coursework must be taken outside of the major department and from the list of courses provided.
  7. In order to continue in the program, students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA.


WMST 7320 - Women&Multi-Cultrl Exp (3)
Interdisciplinary study of women's creativity and representation, including aspects of race, gender, and sexuality; focusing on theoretical approaches to and artistic practices in women's lives.

WMST 7340 - Independent Study (3)
Readings and written assignments designed to provide additional comprehension of ideas and skills related to a student's concentration.

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