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The University of Memphis offers 34 graduate certificate programs:

African American Literature
As we enter the opening decades of the twenty-first century, interest in African American literary studies continues to flourish. By preparing students to teach African American Literature and giving official recognition of preparation, the certificate program helps graduates qualify for jobs both within the United States and abroad. Gainful Employment Disclosure. 

Applied Lean Leadership
This graduate certificate provides students with competitive knowledge and skills for jobs in which Lean is practiced, and a cost-effective way to upgrade technical skills in Lean techniques.  The certificate is intended for the student who has a bachelor's degree and who is currently working full-time in a production or service industry, and is specifically interested in learning about Lean principles and practices.  Based on the Society of Manufacturing Engineers' "Lean Certification Body of Knowledge," a student who completes the certificate program will be expected to be able to pass the SME/AME/Shingo prize, Lean Certification Exam at the Bronze level. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Artist Diploma in Music
The Artist Diploma is a certificate program providing concentrated post-baccalaureate training for prospective professional musicians. Currently it is offered in voice and violin; it involves lessons and recitals at the School of Music and an internship at Opera Memphis (for singers) or the Memphis Symphony (for violinists). Gainful Employment Disclosure

Autism Studies
The purpose of the Graduate Certificate in Autism Studies is to provide practical educational training to individuals who are presently working within healthcare, adult disability and/or educational settings. Individuals completing this post baccalaureate certificate program will be able to provide evidence-based decisions specific to the treatment and education of people with ASD, design and implement highly specialized evidence based instructional programs for people with ASD, and design and implement common behavior management strategies shown to be effective for people with ASD.

Business Information Assurance
The primary purpose of this certificate program is to prepare participants to be able to make effective decisions regarding information assurance strategies. Students will become familiar with various methodologies for maintaining business continuity in case of an attack or disaster and will become knowledgeable about policy development, implementation techniques, employee awareness and training, assessment of effectiveness of security programs, as well as various other factors that result in long-term managerial effectiveness. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Business Project Management 
This certificate satisfies a demand for business project management professionals in our region without requiring addition resources.  It also creates untapped research opportunities and collaborations for our faculty with the project management community.

Career and College Counseling
The certificate in College and Career Counseling is an online and field based post-degree program designed to address contemporary issues related to career and college counseling in schools. The certificate focuses on developing technical skills and expertise to effectively prepare students to transition from high school to college or from high school to vocational programs. The program is committed to addressing contemporary issues influencing the field, by building awareness of social justice issues in the college going process and utilizing student achievement data as a lever to design programs that strategically target the achievement gap.

Cognitive Science
The primary objective of this certificate is to supply graduate students interested in Cognitive Science with interdisciplinary training in the major fields of Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology, Artificial Intelligence and Linguistics. The main focus is to develop core competencies to support research in cognitive science as well as applications in human-computer interaction, information systems, advertising and marketing, and design. Gainful Employment Disclosure

College Teaching
There are many who are qualified to teach in colleges today. But only few can say they are quality teachers. A certificate in College Teaching equips Graduate Teaching Assistants (GTAs) with the knowledge and skill in effective college teaching methods. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Community College Teaching & Leadership
Studies show that over 60 percent of the nation's community college professionals will reach retirement eligibility during the next 15 years. The Certificate in Community College Teaching and Leadership is designed to prepare the next generation of community college administrators and faculty. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Disabilities Studies
This certificate program provides training for professionals who have, or plan to have, the opportunity to work with person who have disabilities. It will also provide students with a comprehensive background on the physical, psychosocial, vocation and legal issues that face persons with disabilities. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Entrepreneurial Journalism 
The Entrepreneurial Journalism Certificate program prepares students to start their own media-related businesses or bring innovation to legacy media organizations as “intrapreneurs.” The program emphasizes knowledge of business fundamentals, marketing, advertising and public relations strategies for new businesses, and creating digital, multimedia content for media products or promotions.

Family Nurse Practitioner
The Family Nurse Practitioner (FNP) Certificate program provides a formal program of study for students who already have the Master of Science in Nursing degree and are interested in taking the national certification exam to practice as a Family Nurse Practitioner without requiring them to complete a second masters degree. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Geographic Information Systems
The GIS Certificate Program is for those with a Bachelor's degree in a relevant field, and with an interest in using GIS as a problem-solving tool. The GIS Certificate gives students an interdisciplinary perspective that allows them to integrate GIS skills into their knowledge acquired in other disciplines; competitive skills and training for jobs in which GIS skills are essential. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Healthcare Informatics Leadership:
The purpose of this interdisciplinary post-baccalaureate certificate is twofold: to provide education training to individuals who are presently working in the area of healthcare information technology; and/or prepare a workforce of individuals to meet the industry’s movement towards electronic healthcare documentation. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Imaging and Signal Processing 
The graduate certificate program in Imaging and Signal Processing is intended to provide students and practicing professionals the graduate background material to further their careers in this important area. The subject area is important to many application areas, but biomedical, sensing and signaling for commercial and defense, and information technology applications are of particular interest. The program combines traditional signal processing topics with optics and imaging, as well as computer vision, pattern recognition, and multimedia processing. Computer programming simulation and analysis are emphasized. In addition, the courses in the program are core courses for the Masters degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering, and thus, the certificate is also a portal to that degree.

Information Assurance
This certificate program highlights important aspects of information security and assurance technologies. The University of Memphis is designated by DHS and NSA as a National Center of Academic Excellence in Information Assurance, and its IA courses are accredited by the Committee for National Security Systems for Computer Security standards 4011, 4012, and 4013. These security standards specify the minimum knowledge, skills, and abilities required to fulfill the duties, respectively, of an Information Systems Security Professional, Senior System Manager, and System Administrator. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Instructional Design and Technology
Computers are essential in today's classrooms. Teachers who know how to operate them are in the highest demand. Graduates completing this certificate learn to make the most effective use of technology in classrooms, K-12, as well as serve as consultants to faculty members and school administrators. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Liberal Studies
The graduate certificate in Liberal Studies is intended to present graduate background material for those seeking personal enrichment provided by liberal learning and the development of those intellectual skills necessary to lifelong learning--critical reading, scholarly writing, and the art of interpersonal communication. The certificate requires 15 hours of graduate coursework.

Literacy Leadership and Coaching:
The goals of this certificate program are: 1) to offer literacy teachers education beyond the state certified reading endorsement to prepare them to address the leadership needs across the region and beyond, 2) to provide an accelerated cohort-driven program of study that will enable students to receive a Certificate in Literacy Leadership and Coaching in a timely and meaningful fashion, and 3) to give official recognition of an expertise in literacy leadership to help students qualify for jobs both within and outside the United States. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Local Government Management
The objectives of the certificate program are: (1) Help working professionals upgrade their knowledge and skills of local government and theory. (2) Empower graduates of the program to succeed as effective and ethical leaders in local government administration. (3) Enhance the analytical and management capabilities of individuals who are responsible for the provision of varied services directly to citizens. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Museum Studies
Museums are a vibrant sector of our communities, with new and innovative ones opening every year. The Interdisciplinary Graduate Certificate Program in Museum Studies is designed to give scholars enrolled in graduate study in art, anthropology, history, public administration, business, and education, or who hold graduate degrees in such disciplines, the skills to enter museum professions. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Nursing Administration
The Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing Administration provides a formal program of study for students who hold a Master of Science in Nursing degree in another specialty. The program provides them with content that provides a strong foundation in complex systems, organizational theory, financial management, and leadership practice.

Nursing Education 
The Nursing Education Certificate program provides a formal program of study for masters prepared nurses interested in obtaining a credential allowing them to teach in Schools of Nursing. The program provides them with the content necessary to teach nursing students in a specific area of nursing. Once students complete the certificate, they are eligible to sit for the national certification exam in this area. This certificate is the optimal way for those already holding a masters degree and desiring this specialization to gain marketability without having to complete an entire second master’s degree.

Nursing Informatics
Nursing informatics integrates information science, computer science and more.  A Master’s prepared nurse who engages in nursing informatics is an informatics nurse specialist.  Nurses with a specialty in informatics identify, collect, process and manage data and information to support nursing practice, administration, education, research, and the expansion of nursing knowledge.  The Nursing Informatics Post-Master’s Certificate program provides a formal program of study for masters prepared nurses interested in obtaining a certificate in Nursing Informatics. 

Packaging Engineering
The proposed graduate certificate in Packaging Engineering is intended for students who possess a bachelor’s degree and are currently working full time or applying to graduate schools, and for graduate students who are specifically interested in learning more about packaging engineering. The Packaging Engineering Certificate Program will provide students with competitive knowledge and skills for jobs in which packaging is practiced, a small class size ensuring personal attention, and interaction with local packaging industry community.

Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership
Every employee and volunteer in a nonprofit organization plays a role in meeting the philanthropic goals and charitable purposes of the organization. The Certificate in Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is designed to meet the needs of these employees and volunteers looking for advanced study in the theory and practice of nonprofit administration. Ideal for nonprofit professionals, community volunteer leaders and active philanthropists, the Certificate is offered by the Division of Public and Nonprofit Administration. The Certificate requires 15 hours of graduate coursework, all available in both on-campus and online formats. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Qualitative Studies in Education
The Graduate Certificate in Qualitative Studies in Educational Research is intended to prepare students enrolled in any Doctoral program in the School of Education, Health and Human Sciences and throughout the University to design, conduct, publish, and teach rigorous qualitative research. The current academic climate has seen a paradigm shift from a strict focus on objectivist quantitative research to a broader focus on constructionist/subjectivist qualitative research methodologies. Recognizing this shift, our program offers students the appropriate coursework and mentorship to advance their knowledge and application of qualitative research traditions/methodologies such as ethnography, case study, narrative inquiry, post-structural approaches, and creative analytic practices.

Quantitative Studies in Educational Research
The certificate program is designed to provide students with formalized training in quantitative methods, including research design, univariate and multivariate statistical analysis, and advanced training in statistical software and programming. 

Software Testing
Software testing is a critical discipline as organizations increasingly rely on information systems that are becoming increasingly more complex. This certificate prepares students to both manage and participate in testing at all stages of the software development process. The topics and techniques are applicable to testing all types of software. Gainful Employment Disclosure

STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Teacher Leadership
The goal of the certificate program in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Teacher Leadership is to develop the knowledge and skills of secondary mathematics, science, and engineering teachers who are currently teaching in local area schools. The coursework is designed to promote in-depth understanding of current standards and instructional practices with a particular focus on building teacher leaders in STEM education. 

Teaching English as a Second Language
We live in a global community, where different languages and cultures interact on a daily basis. The TESL Certificate trains students how to teach English to speakers of different languages. And such training also helps students qualify for jobs within and outside the United States. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Urban Education
The 12 credit-hour Graduate Certificate in Urban Education offers an advanced program of study in the expansive and distinct historical and contemporary knowledge, scholarship, and practical issues related to instruction and curriculum leadership in an urban educational context that has a diverse population, is geographically bounded, and is unique in its political, economic and cultural history, relationships, and interactions.  The program of study includes a 3 credit-hour workshop that allows the student to explore an issue individually through independent study, online engagement, and engaged scholarship. Gainful Employment Disclosure

Women's and Gender Studies
Women's roles have changed remarkably over the past 50 years. The Certificate of Women's Studies gives students competitive skills and training for jobs in which the analysis of gender and race is essential, as well as education needed for entrance in selected PhD programs. Gainful Employment Disclosure

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