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The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues. The University maintains six levels of graduate faculty: (1) Full, (2) Associate, (3) Adjunct, (4) Adjunct Research Co-Mentor, (5) Affiliate, and (6) Adjunct Teaching.

Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees. Adjunct Research Co-Mentor members may serve as co-chair of a master's or doctoral committee. Full or Associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees. Only one adjunct or affiliate graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member on any master's or doctoral committee.

Teaching adjunct members may not serve on graduate committees.


DAVID L. APPLEBY, Professor, MFA (1979), Temple University [2014]

ANTONIO DE VELASCO, Associate Professor, PhD (2005), Emory University [2017]

LEROY G. DORSEY, Professor, PhD (1993), Indiana University [2017]

JOY GOLDSMITH, Assistant Professor, PhD (2004), University of Oklahoma [2019]

M. ALLISON GRAHAM, Professor, PhD (1978), The University of Florida [2018]

KATHERINE G. HENDRIX, Professor, PhD (1994), The University of Washington [2017]

GRETCHEN NORLING HOLMES, Assistant Professor, PhD (2003), University of Kentucky [2017]

CRAIG LEAKE, Associate Professor, MA (1969), Memphis State University [2018]

MARINA LEVINA, Assistant Professor PhD (2006), University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [2016]

DAVID GRAY MATTHEWS, Assistant Professor, PhD (1993), Pennsylvania State University [2017]

STEVEN J. ROSS, Professor, MA (1973), New York University [2015]

SANDRA J. SARKELA, Associate Professor, PhD (1982), The University of Massachusetts, Amherst [2016]

CRAIG O. STEWART, Assistant Professor, PhD (2006), Carnegie Mellon University [2015]

AMANDA J. YOUNG, Associate Professor, PhD (2000), Carnegie Mellon University [2016]


DAVID L. ACEY, Assistant Professor, MA (1972), Memphis State University [2017]

PATRICK DILLON, Assistant Professor, PhD (2013), University of South Florida [2019]

ROXANA L. GEE, Associate Professor, MA (1973), Memphis State University [2014]

CRAIG LEAKE, Associate Professor, MA (1969), Memphis State University [2018]

RICHARD R. RANTA, Dean, College of Communication and Fine Arts, and Professor, PhD (1974), The University of Iowa [2013]

JOSHUA REEVES, Assistant Professor, PhD (2013), North Carolina State University [2019]


JOHN BAKKE, Professor Emeritus, PhD (1966), University of Iowa [2014]

WILLIAM BRESCIA, PhD (2002), Indiana University [2014]

VALERIE BRIDGEMAN, PhD (2002), Baylor University [2013]

TIMOTHY S. HUEBNER, PhD (1993), University of Florida [2014]

ANDRE E. JOHNSON, PhD (2008), University of Memphis [2017]

KRIS M. MARKMAN, Assistant Professor, PhD (2006), The University of Texas at Austin [2017]

MICHAEL OSBORN, Professor Emeritus, PhD (1963), The University of Florida [2016]

FRANK A. THOMAS, PhD (2008), University of Memphis [2016]


MICHAEL J. COMPTON, Instructor, MFA (1997), University of Memphis, [2013]

NICHOLAS SIMPSON, Instructor, MA (2011), The University of Memphis [2015]


REECE AUGUISTE, Visiting Assistant Professor, MS (2000), Marlboro College [2013]

CHRISTINA MOSS, Senior Lecturer, PhD (2005), Louisiana State University [2016]

NOTE: Expiration date of graduate faculty membership is indicated in brackets.

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