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The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues. The University maintains six levels of graduate faculty: (1) Full, (2) Associate, (3) Adjunct, (4) Adjunct Research Co-Mentor, (5) Affiliate, and (6) Adjunct Teaching.

Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees. Adjunct Research Co-Mentor members may serve as co-chair of a master's or doctoral committee. Full or Associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees. Only one adjunct or affiliate graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member on any master's or doctoral committee.

Teaching adjunct members may not serve on graduate committees.


WILLIAM C. BOZEMAN, Visiting Professor, PhD (1978), University of Wisconsin-Madison [2020]

REGINALD GREEN, Professor, EdD (1975), The University of Missouri, Columbia [2015]

CHARISSE GULOSINO, Assistant Professor, EdD (2006), Columbia University Teachers College [2019]

LARRY MCNEAL, Associate Professor, PhD (1990), The University of Wisconsin [2016]

KATRINA A. MEYER, Associate Professor, PhD (1974), The University of Washington [2016]

MITSUNORI MISAWA, Assistant Professor, PhD (2009), University of Georgia [2017]

BARBARA K. MULLINS NELSON, Professor, PhD (1992), The Florida State University [2015]

PATRICIA H. MURRELL, Professor, EdD (1968), The University of Mississippi [2018]

JEFFERY L. WILSON, Assistant Professor, PhD (2007), University of Nevada, Las Vegas [2016]


DONNA J. MENKE, Assistant Professor, PhD (2010), Kansas State University [2021]

JOHN R. PETRY, Associate Professor, EdD (1973), George Peabody College of Vanderbilt University [2014]


BETTE JOAN ACKERMAN, PhD (1973), University of Florida, Gainesville [2014]

DAVID ALLEN, MD (1974), University of California-San Francisco [2014]

KAREN F. BALL, EdD (2012), University of Memphis [2017]

WILLIAM E. BIBB, EdD (2009), University of Memphis [2017]

CARRIE ALLISON BROOKS, EdD (2010), University of Memphis [2014]

MARIO E. BROWN, EdD (2012), University of Memphis [2017]

CYNTHIA CALHOUN, EdD (2003), University of Memphis [2015]

COLTON COCKRUM, EdD (2010), The University of Memphis [2016]

CHARLES W. COKER, PhD (1991), Christian Bible College [2017]

SHAREN L. CYPRESS, EdD (2003), The University of Memphis [2014]

RON DAVIS, EdD (2004), The University of Memphis [2014]

NATHAN L. ESSEX, PhD (1975), University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa [2017]

TERI EVANS, EdD (2005), Union University, Germantown [2015]

COURTNEY E. FEE, EdD (2008), The University of Memphis [2014]

HARRY THOMAS FOGLE, PhD (1984), Nova Southeastern University [2017]

LOUIS GEORGE GAMBLE, JR., EdD (2006), University of Memphis [2017]

SHARON P. GRIFFIN, EdD (2012), University of Memphis [2017]

ASHLEY WHICKER HARKRIDER, PhD (1999), University of Texas-Austin [2014]

TERESA HARTNETT, EdD (2002), The University of Memphis [2014]

TANISHA L. HEASTON, EdD (2010), University of Memphis [2018]

JAMAL-DOMINIQUE HOPKINS, PhD (2006), University of Manchester [2016]

DONALD L. HOPPER, Visiting Associate Professor, PhD (1976), University of Mississippi [2017]

COLBY B. JUBENVILLE, PhD (1999), University of Southern Mississippi [2014]

JAMES B. MITCHELL, Jr., EdD (1989), Memphis State University [2015]

KRISTIN J. MUMIUKHA, EdD (2013), University of Memphis [2017]

GLENDA RAKES, EdD (1992), The University of Memphis [2015]

GAIL D. ROBINSON, EdD (2004), The University of Memphis [2014]

JAMES E. SELBE, EdD (1995), The University of Memphis [2014]

LINN STRANAK, DA (1977), Middle Tennessee State University [2014]

SIMONE THOMAS, EdD (2011), The University of Memphis [2015]

CAROL WALLACE, EdD (2014), The Univeristy of Memphis [2018]

GWENDOLYN L. WATSON, EdD (2011), University of Memphis [2016]


DANIEL A. BUREAU, PhD (2011), Indiana University Bloomington [2014]

JEFFRY ALLEN COZZENS, EdD (2004), The University of Memphis [2014]

JAMES ECKLES, EdD (2011), The University of Memphis [2015]

PASTELLA HAMPTON, EdD (1979), Mississippi State University [2017]

WILLIAM EDWARD HORRELL, EdD (2009), University of Memphis [2017]

LAWRENCE E LUSK, PhD (2011), Capella University [2015] 

GALE VICKIE MEDLEY, EdD (2010), University of Memphis [2014]

LINN STRANAK, DA (1977), Middle Tennessee State Univeristy [2018]

ADAM G. WALKER, EdD (2013), University of Memphis [2016]


WILLIAM AKEY, EdD (2006), The University of Memphis [2015]

WILLIAM W. RAYFIELD, EdD (2012), University of Memphis [2017]

E. RENEE SANDERS-LAWSON, PhD (2001), Michigan State University [2014]

NOTE: Expiration date of graduate faculty membership is indicated in brackets.

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