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The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues. The University maintains six levels of graduate faculty: (1) Full, (2) Associate, (3) Adjunct, (4) Adjunct Research Co-Mentor, (5) Affiliate, and (6) Adjunct Teaching.

Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees. Adjunct Research Co-Mentor members may serve as co-chair of a master's or doctoral committee. Full or Associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees. Only one adjunct or affiliate graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member on any master's or doctoral committee.

Teaching adjunct members may not serve on graduate committees.


LILY AFSHAR, Professor, DM (1989), Florida State University [2015]

SOH-HYUN PARK ALTINO, Associate Professor, DMA (2002), The Cleveland Institute of Music [2015]

VICTOR SANTIAGO ASUNCION, Assistant Professor, MMu (1999), Manhattan School of Music [2015]

JOHN W. BAUR, Professor, DMA (1977), The University of Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music [2015]

CATHAL BRESLIN, Assistant Professor, DMA (2008), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor [2020]

JOHN CHIEGO, Professor, MM (1979), Northwestern University [2017]

JACK COOPER, Associate Professor, DMA (1999), The University of Texas at Austin [2016]

LAWRENCE A. EDWARDS, Professor, EdD (1986), The University of Illinois [2014]

DAVID H. EVANS, JR., Professor Emeritus, PhD (1976), The University of California at Los Angeles [2018] 

KYLE FERRILL, Assistant Professor, DM (2005), Florida State University [2020]

RYAN A. FISHER, Assistant Professor, PhD (2008), University of North Texas [2020]

ARMAND HALL, Assistant Professor, DMA (2013), Michigan State University [2019]

KAMRAN INCE, Professor, DMA (1987), The University of Rochester Eastman School of Music [2014]

KENNETH KREITNER, Professor, PhD (1990), Duke University [2020]

JOHN T. MUELLER, Associate Professor, DMA (1999), Catholic University of America [2020]

ALBERT NGUYEN, Instructor, DMA (2008), University of Texas at Austin [2017]

JEREMY OROSZ,Assistant Professor, PhD (2013), University of Minnesota [2020]

JANET K. PAGE, Professor, PhD (1993), Duke University [2016]

DANIEL PHILLIPS, Associate Professor, MMu (1976), The University of Notre Dame [2020]

KEVIN RICHMOND, Associate Professor, DMA (2003), University of Texas-Austin [2020]

NICOLE ROBINSON, Associate Professor, PhD (2000), Florida State University [2014]

RANDAL RUSHING, Professor, DMA, (2002), The University of North Texas [2018]

KONNIE K. SALIBA, Professor Emerita, MMu (1961), Southern Methodist University [2014]

KEVIN M. SANDERS, Assistant Professor, DMA (2010), Michigan State University [2016]

LENNY SCHRANZE, Professor, MMu (1983), New England Conservatory of Music [2016]

FRANK SHAFFER, Associate Professor, DMA (1980), Yale University [2018]

DAVID SPENCER, Associate Professor, DMA (2002), University of North Texas [2020]

MICHELLE VIGNEAU, Associate Professor, DMA (2003), University of Texas [2014]

SAM VIVIANO, Associate Professor Emeritus, MMu (1966), The Juilliard School of Music [2018]

KRAIG ALAN WILLIAMS, Associate Professor, DMA (2003), University of Texas at Austin [2015]


LEONARDO ALTINO, Associate Professor, MMu (2002), The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign [2016]

ELISE BLATCHFORD, Assistant Professor, MM (2007), San Francisco Conservatory of Music [2020]

JEFFREY CLINE, Associate Professor, MMu (1995), Northwestern University [2016]

TIMOTHY GOODWIN, Associate Professor, MMu (1984), The University of Florida [2016]

EVAN JONES, Assistant Professor, MM (2006), Florida State University [2016]

ROBYN JONES, Assistant Professor, DMA (2009), University of Minnesota [2018]

LAILA KTEILY-O'SULLIVAN, Assistant Professor, PhD (1996), University of North Texas [2018]

KYLE MILLSAP, Visiting Assistant Professor, DMA (2011), The University of Memphis [2017]

SUSAN OWEN-LEINERT, Assistant Professor, MMu (1983), University of Texas-Austin [2018]

ALLEN RIPPE, Assistant Professor, MMu (1976), The University of Michigan [2016]

TIMOTHY SHIU, Assistant Professor, MMu (1991), Cleveland Institute of Music [2016]

JEREMY TUBBS, Visiting Faculty, PhD (2008), The University of Memphis [2017]

LECOLION WASHINGTON, Associate Professor, MMu (2001), Manhattan School of Music [2016]

LEE WELMER, Instructor, DMA (1998), The University of Memphis [2017]

J. COPELAND WOODRUFF, Assistant Professor, MS (1995), Indiana University [2014]


WILLIAM J. ALLEN, PhD (1981), The Johns Hopkins University [2014]

JANET ELIZABETH ARMOUR, BPS/Suzuki Instructor (1982/1980), University of Memphis/Talent Ed. Inst. of Japan [2017]

ROY C. BREWER, PhD (1996), University of Memphis [2016]

MARY CARRIGAN CARTER, MD/MM (1982/2009), University of Alabama/University of Memphis [2016]

JOYCE R. COBB, BA (1967), Central State University [2018]

PAMELA R. DENNIS, Associate Professor, PhD (2000), University of Memphis [2014]

STEVEN J. DIBLASI, PhD (2014), University of Memphis [2018]

WILLIAM L. ELLIS, PhD (2010), University of Memphis [2015]

JOSEPH GALEMA, DMA (1982), The University of Michigan [2015]

SCOTT L. HINES, DMA (2009), University of Memphis [2014]

MONA B. KREITNER, PhD (2007), The University of Memphis [2014]

THOMAS TAYLOR LONARDO, MM (1976), University of Mississippi [2017]

MICHELLE MATTSON, PhD (1991), Stanford University [2017]

DEANNA STARK, PhD (2001), The University of Memphis [2014]

GEOFFREY HARRIS WARD, DMA (2007) University of Kansas [2016]


MICHAEL ASSAD, MMU (2003), The University of Memphis [2015]


JOSEPH RESTIVO, (2003), New School University [2017]

SAM SHOUP, BMu (1979), Memphis State University [2016]


MARCIN ARENDT, DMA (2010), University of Colorado Boulder [2017]

FRANCISCO LARA, PhD (2011), Florida State University [2015]

ARA SARKISSIAN, MM (2008), New England Conservatory of Music [2017]

MARY WILSON, MM (2000), Washington University, St. Louis [2017]

NOTE: Expiration date of graduate faculty membership is indicated in brackets.

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Guidelines and Procedures for Graduate Faculty Status

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