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The University bestows the designation "Graduate Faculty" upon faculty following review of their credentials and recommendation by their colleagues. The University maintains six levels of graduate faculty: (1) Full, (2) Associate, (3) Adjunct, (4) Adjunct Research Co-Mentor, (5) Affiliate, and (6) Adjunct Teaching.

Only Full graduate faculty members may chair doctoral committees. Adjunct Research Co-Mentor members may serve as co-chair of a master's or doctoral committee. Full or Associate graduate faculty may chair master's committees. Only one adjunct or affiliate graduate faculty member may serve as a voting member on any master's or doctoral committee.

Teaching adjunct members may not serve on graduate committees.


SANGNAM AHN, Assistant Professor, PhD (2009), Texas A&M University Health Science Center [2018]

SATO ASHIDA, Assistant Professor, PhD (2005), Ohio State University [2016]

PRATIK BANERJEE, Assistant Professor, PhD (2008), Purdue University [2018]

DAVID C. BURCHFIELD, Associate Professor, PhD (1998), Cornell University [2018]

ERIK CARLTON, Assistant Professor, DrPH (2011), University of Kentucky [2018]

STEWART DISMUKE, Visiting Professor, MD (1971), University of Tennessee [2018]

JEFFREY FORAN, Associate Professor, PhD (1983), University of Florida [2018]

DANIEL GENTRY, Professor, PhD (1996), University of California, Berkeley [2018]

JAMES G. GURNEY, Professor, PhD (1994), University of Washington [2020]

BROOK HARMON, Assistant Professor, PhD (2012), University of South Carolina [2020]

CHUNRONG JIA, Assistant Professor, PhD (2007), The University of Michigan [2015]

WILFRIED KARMAUS, Professor, MD (1994), University of Hamburg [2020]

SATISH KEDIA, Associate Professor, PhD (1997), The University of Kentucky [2020]

LISA KLESGES, Professor, PhD (1995), University of Minnesota [2015]

MARIAN LEVY, Associate Professor, DrPH (1994), University of California-Los Angeles [2019]

SUNIL MATHUR, Associate Professor, PhD (1999), University of Delhi, India [2018]

WASIM MAZIAK, Associate Professor, PhD (1990), Kiev Medical Institute [2015]

FAWAZ MZAYEK, Assistant Professor, PhD (2005), Tulane University [2020]

VIKKI G. NOLAN, Assistant Professor, DSc (2009), Boston University School of Public Health [2016]

LATRICE PICHON, Assistant Professor, PhD (2008), San Diego University [2016]

M. PAIGE POWELL, Assistant Professor, PhD (2003), The Pennsylvania State University [2019]

GEORGE RELYEA, Assistant Professor, MS (1982), Memphis State University [2020]

DAVID ROSENTHAL, Associate Professor, PhD (2002), Indiana State University [2016]

KENNETH WARD, Professor, PhD (1998), University of Memphis  [2015]

XINHUA YU, Assistant Professor, PhD (2003), University of Minnesota [2016]

HONGMEI ZHANG, Associate Professor, PhD (2003), Iowa State University [2019]


LADON JONES, Associate Professor, PhD (1995), The University of Alabama [2015]

MEREDITH RAY, Assistant Professor, PhD (2014), University of South Carolina [2021]


ROGER J. ARANGO, MPIA (1973), University of Pittsburgh [2016]

DEBRA BARTELLI, DrPH (2001), Columbia University [2015]

ANN K. CASHION, PhD (1998), University of Tennessee Health Science Center [2014]

SUSAN COOPER, MSN (1994), Vanderbilt University School of Nursing [2017]

JANE HANKINS, MD (1993), Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) [2016]

WENDY LIKES, PhD (2009), University of Tennessee [2014]

THOMAS G. LUNDQUIST, MD (1991), The Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine [2014]

STEPHEN MILLER, MD (1970), Johns Hopkins University of Medicine [2015]

KRISTEN NESS, PhD (2004), University of Minnesota [2015]

ROHIT OJHA, DrPH (2010), University of North Texas Health Science Center [2015]

RAYMOND OSAROGIAGBON, MD (1979), University of Ibadan, Nigeria [2017]

JANET SHIPMAN, JD (1980), University of Memphis [2017]

DARRON SMITH, PhD (2010), University of Utah [2017]

MICHELLE TAYLOR, MD (2002), East Tennessee State University [2017]

WILLIAM TUTTLE, MHA (1982), Washington University, St. Louis [2016]

FRANCES TYLAVSKY, DrPH (1985), University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill [2015]

GERHILD ULLMANN, PhD (2008), University of South Carolina [2015]

ESZTER VOLGYI, PhD (2010), University of Jyvaskyla, Finland [2017]

BEN LOUIS ZARZAUR, MD (1996), University of Alabama School of Medicine [2014]

TYLER ZERWEKH, DrPH (2003), University of Texas [2015]


DANIEL CLARKE, MHA (2009), University of Memphis [2015]

WILLIAM M. KEITH, MSA (2006), Central Michigan University [2017]

MONTE MASSONGILL, MS (1990), The University of Tennessee [2017]

GEORGE MAYZELL, MD (1982), University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey [2015] 


JOHN DUNN, PhD (2003), Louisiana State University [2018]

 NOTE: Expiration date of graduate faculty membership is indicated in brackets.

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