The First PhD Fulbright Scholar from Afghanistan Chooses the University of Memphis Graduate School for His Studies

Reshad Osmani

(pictured above: Dr. Jasbir Dhaliwal, Dr. Albert Okunade, Reshad Osmani, and Dr. James Kierulff)

In the fall of 2014 Reshad Osmani began his doctoral studies in Economics at the University of Memphis. Osmani is the first doctoral student to receive a Fulbright Scholarship from Afghanistan. Out of the many colleges and universities this lifelong honor student could have chosen to attend, he picked the University of Memphis Graduate School because of our history, stellar faculty, and its many opportunities for graduate students.
          Osmani has always been a very passionate and diligent student. At the age of six, he rose to the top of his class at his elementary school in Kabul, Afghanistan. Osmani continued to excel in both school and extracurricular activities, such as the mathematics Olympiad group. After graduating high school he placed third among forty students on his matriculation exam and entered the medical faculty of Balkh University in 2003. In 2006 Osmani was one of forty honor students in the entire country to be selected to participate in a short-term study visit to Germany to study informatics and MS operating system programs. Two years later he was chosen once again to study in Germany, this time focusing on intercultural communication.
          Osmani has shone in his professional life as well. He has worked as a lecturer of preclinical studies at Aria University in the Northern Province of Balkh, Afghanistan. Osmani has also worked for the Ministry of Public Health of Afghanistan, completing a comprehensive cost study of the national hospitals in Kabul. He contributed to several studies, which helped the Afghan Ministry of Public Health identify major problems in the health system of Afghanistan. He has also been very active in Afghan politics, working on the Abdullah presidential campaign. These are just a few of Osmani's many accomplishments. It is easy to understand why he was selected from approximately seven hundred applicants to be the first PhD Fulbright Scholar from Afghanistan.
          While studying at the University of Memphis, Osmani will work closely with Dr. Albert Okunade, professor of Economics in the Fogelman College of Business and Economics, studying specifically health economics. He is interested in teaching at the university next year. In the future one of his many goals is to work with developing counties. He also hopes to motivate other Afghani students to come to the University of Memphis for their graduate education.