GSA Committees

Graduate Travel Finance Committee

The Graduate Travel Committee is responsible for working with the SGA to award Student Activity Fund money to graduate students for travel to conferences.

Committee Chair: Mahbubul Hasan

Committee Members: Holly Botzum, Tara Etter, Zachary Graber, Mohsen Maniat, Deepen Mistry, Mehdi Rostamian, Kevin Ryan, Susan Steffenhagen, Jeffrey Taylor, Jerica Thompson, & Kirbi Tucker

Graduate Education Week Planning Committee

The Graduate Education Week Planning Committee is responsible for planning and coordinating events and activities for Graduate Education Week.

Committee Chair: Samuel Boadi

Committee Members: Angela Jarvis, Ariele Johnson, Renea Satterwhite, Jerica Thompson, Kirbi Tucker, & LaGerra Williams

Student Research Forum Committee

The Student Research Forum Committee organizes and coordinates the Student Research Forum, which is a University of Memphis-hosted Graduate School event.

Committee Chair: 

Committee Members: Amy Fehrenbach, Natorria Ross, Zehong Tan, & Jeffrey Taylor


The Graduate Student Orientation Committee works with the Graduate School to plan and coordinate the Graduate Student Orientation, which takes place in August.

Committee Chair: Mahbubul Hasan

Committee Members: Zechariah Avello, Samuel Boadi, Caleb Gallops, Angela Jarvis, Helen Long, Nathan Peirce, Renea Satterwhite, Kevin Sorrell, Tori Taylor, & LaGerra Williams

Professional Development Committee

The Professional Development Committee plans and coordinates the professional development seminars for graduate students at the University of Memphis.

Committee Chair: Miriam Polly

Committee Members: Kim Neely, Tashma Phillips, Casandra Quarrells, Shemaiah Moss. 

If you are interested in serving on any of the listed committees, please contact the GSA President, Mahbubul Hasan.