Herff Advisory Council

Dean Richard Sweigard has convened a group of executives from industry and academia to advise him on future directions, challenges and opportunities for the College. This Advisory Council offers input on how the Herff College of Engineering can recruit outstanding faculty, set priorities, impact future technologies and garner the additional resources necessary to bring the College to the next level of excellence. Dean Sweigard and the College are grateful for the advice and service of the individuals below!  

Mark W. Askew (BSCE '76), Askew Hargraves Harcourt and Associates, Inc.

Donald O. Barber (MS, '83), FedEx (retired)

Dr. Steven J. Bares, Memphis Bioworks Foundation

George D. Barnes, Buchart-Horn, Inc. (retired)

Don Bradford, EnSafe, Inc. 

Laura J. Campbell (BSEE '91; MS '92), Tennessee Valley Authority

Tommy Carls, Medtronic

Jerry R. Collins, Jr. (BSCE '75; MS '76), Memphis Light, Gas & Water

Chair: William O. Hagerman (BSCE, '74), Dunavant Enterprises

Robert M. Knecht, MBA, Division of Public Works, City of Memphis

Dennis W. Koerner, ITN, LLC 

Thomas W. Lester, Department of Mechanical Engineering, University of Kentucky

Stephen Liberto (BSET '81), FedEx (retired)

James Liles (BSEE, '71), Liles Engineering Design Consultants, LLC

Michael Macyauski, FedEx

Masako Mayes, Hino Motors Manufacturing

John Pafford (BSET, '87), SpineWave, Inc.

Robert M. Pap, Accurate Automation Corporation

James M. Phillips, NanoMech Corporation

Michael Pohlman, Pickering, Inc.

Christopher B. Roberts, Samuel Ginn College of Engineering, Auburn University

Jon C. Serbousek, Biomet, Inc.

Robert Stephens (BSEE, '91), PwC

Ted Townsend, Tennessee Department of Economic and Community Development

Bobby Wharton (BSET, '75), G & W Diesel / Emergency Vehicle Specialists

Laura Whitsitt (BSME, '87; MS, '88), Smith & Nephew, Inc.