Free Tutoring Services

The Herff College of Engineering provides tutoring and academic support for undergraduates enrolled in engineering. The College focuses on providing support for challenging courses that students take during their pre-engineering curriculum. All of our tutoring services are provide to the students FREE of charge.

Drop-In Tutoring

Drop-in tutoring is a free tutoring service open to any student enrolled at the University of Memphis. Drop-In tutoring takes place in the Dean's Conference room which is in the Engineering Administration Building RM#202C. See the tutoring schedule for open tutoring times in over 40 math, science, and engineering courses.

Cookies and Calculus

Cookies and Calculus (affectionately called C&C) takes place in the Engineering Live and Learn Community. Just and the names suggest we always have cookies or some light snack and tutors available to help with first year course work. C&C is open to all STEM majors. The times and location can be found on the tutoring schedule.

Other Resources

Additional tutoring services are offered by the University through the Educational Support Program.