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Robbie Jones

Robbie Jones

A board certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner (ACNP). Read More ...

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Bone Zone Check Up

Bone Zone Check Up

Student Session

Learn how engineers and scientists develop and evaluate Orthopedic joint and trauma devices which help patients with arthritis and broken bones get back to their active lifestyle.


The U of M EYH 2013 workshop list includes:

Student Workshops:

Each student will attend four of the following workshops. During the online registration, students are asked to select their top seven workshop choices in order of preference and assignments will be made based on that list, with priority given to those who register earlier. Students will receive their schedule with assigned workshops at registration on the day of the conference.

Caring Careers-Animals & Science
Progress in medicine depends on the discoveries made in studies with animals as models for research. This work involves people in many careers, and one of these careers may be right for you! First ingredient: a concern for animals and their welfare in research studies. Add love of scientific pursuit, passion for medical progress, and commitment to lifelong learning, and you, too, may find yourself with a rewarding and challenging future making contributions to medical discoveries!

Criminal Minds
Students will explore the world of forensic psychology. They will learn how to assist the justice system through the many roles forensic psychologists take on. Some of these include researchers, evaluators and treatment providers.

Egg-cellent Landing
Design and build an egg-lander within a pre-determined budget to help reinforce a real-world design scenario, such as the Mars Landing Spacecraft design.

Everyday DNA
Extract DNA from a banana using everyday items to gain an understanding of the makeup of DNA and its function.

Geology Girls Rock
Simply put, geology is the study of the earth's surface and the processes that effect its change. Geoscientists study a wide range of topics in some of the most exciting locations and environments in the world! Join us as we explore the field of geology and how geology girls rock!

Girls Can't Do That!
Imagine a world where girls were told, "You can't do math, you are a GIRL!" This workshop will highlight some of the works of the greatest scientists, mathematicians, and engineers (that just happen to be female). Participants will be given short applications and projects to demonstrate underlying theory and maybe even candy! Who would want to miss that?

Helping Hand: Build a Bionic Arm
Your friend Sarah broke her leg and is in a wheelchair for the next 6 weeks. Her Mom said she has to clean up her dirty room and you don't want to help. Build Sarah a device that lets her grab different objects and drop them into a container that’s at least two feet away from her.

Learn to Code like a Programmer!
In this session, you will learn the steps that programmers use to make computers display text, add numbers, count letters in a word, and display the current date! There are many careers for people who learn the language of computers.

Make Your Own Lip Gloss
Chemical engineers don't just work at power plants. They develop make up too! Become a chemical engineer for the day and learn how to make your own lip gloss.

Nanotechnology Targets Cancer
Cancer is a major health problem worldwide. Nanotechnology can add new tools to detect and treat cancer. Come and see how nanotechnology can target cancer and beat cancer cells to death.

Robots on the Move
An intro to mobile robotics. During this session you will program the LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT robot sense its environment to so it can reach the finish line.

Who Put the Chemistry in my Food?
Food Chemistry focuses on the chemistry of foods, their deterioration, and the principles underlying the improvement of foods and beverages to obtain safe, economical, and aesthetically pleasing food supplies. This session will provide hands on application food chemistry.

Zombie Outbreak in Memphis!
Zombies have been sited in Memphis - and the numbers are growing!! You have been assigned as the lead epidemiologist and must determine what is the cause of the outbreak, how it is spreading, and how to stop it before everyone becomes a Zombie!

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