A city students remember for a lifetime.

Your passion for new ideas will never end, but we know where it begins. In Memphis. Our university is proud to be situated in a residential neighborhood inside one of the most loved cities in America. We feel lucky to be in a town where innovation has been alive and well for hundreds of years. Elvis birthed rock 'n' roll here. W. C. Handy birthed the blues in downtown Memphis, and B. B. King found his groove on Beale Street, too. It just doesn't get more authentic than that. There is a creative, funky vibe in this city that people travel from all over the world to feel.

As a student at Herff, you'll get to soak up all things innovative and interesting about Memphis.

An education you'll treasure forever.

People like you come to Memphis to attend Herff's program because it's transformative. It will totally elevate the way you think and the way you live. All the finest engineering programs want all the finest students. You are in high demand, so you have a right to be picky. What you'll discover when you look at Herff is something compelling: size matters. We don't believe in the mega-huge engineering approach. Our intimate program gives you the kind of collaboration that leads to amazing work. Smaller class sizes mean you will collaborate on a daily basis with big-time engineers, professors, scholars and mentors. You won't have to nudge your way up to the front of a crowded classroom to get the professor's attention. You will get to know the faculty on a personal level. Rub elbows with them in research. They will know your name.

No matter where you come from, our friendly campus atmosphere makes everyone feel at home. And we are regularly ranked the safest public university in Tennessee, thanks to innovative practices and 24/7 security patrol.


Engineering Scholarships

When financial barriers prevent a talented individual from expanding or completing his or her education, it is a loss for society. At the Herff College of Engineering, we measure our success in the differences we make in students' lives. Thanks to the Dean's vision and generous donors, we are able to offer scholarships to incoming engineering students. To read the requirements and apply for an engineering scholarship, visit here

Engineering Live and Learn Community

The Engineering LLC (ELLC) is a place where first and second year students enrolled in the Herff College of Engineering live together in the new Centennial Hall Dormitory while participating in activities throughout the year. The activities last year included industry tours, Cookies and Calculus tutoring, and seminars with faculty about degree completion and research. Space is limited so there is a separate application. The deadline to apply for priority consideration in the ELLC is February 1, 2018. You can find the application and expectations here.

Visit Herff

Click here to schedule a tour and learn about what to expect on your visit. 


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