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We need your help! There are HCOE graduates whose addresses we no longer have. If you recognize any of the names of these former classmates and can supply us with up-to-date information, we would greatly appreciate it. We would like to stay in touch with all of our graduates. The list of names of Lost Alumni is posted below. If you know the contact information for anyone on the list, then please forward that information to:

Herff College of Engineering
University of Memphis
201 Engineering Administration Building
Memphis, TN 38152

(901) 678-2171 (College office)
(901) 678-4180 (FAX)

or e-mail Debi Scott

Current Lost Alumni List:

Name Major Degree Year
Ab Ghaffar, Rahimah B Electrical Engineering BS 1985
Abd Kadir, Nor Zunaini Electrical Engineering BS 1990
Abdul Ghani, Roslan Civil Engineering BS 1987
Abdul Razik, Mohd Shukri B Civil Engineering BS 1986
Abdulrafar, Abdulrais Civil Engineering BS 1985
Abidin, Mohammed S Construction Technology BS 1985
Aboueid, Elias H Civil Engineering BS 1978
  Civil Engineering MS 1980
Abu Hijleh, Moh'd Othman Electrical Engineering BS 1990
Abuzahr, Yasser W Mechanical Engineering BS 1979
  Mechanical Engineering MS 1980
Afsharikhah, Hossein Civil Engineering BS 1977
Agha, Mahdi M Civil Engineering BS 1977
Ahmadian Cherkovani, Habibollah Civil Engineering BS 1978
Aigbogun, Thomas O Electrical Engineering BS 1978
  Electrical Engineering MS 1980
Akar, Georges Joseph Civil Engineering MS 1981
Akileswaran, Vaidya Mechanical Engineering MS 1971
Aqqad, Usama A Mechanical Engineering BS 1982
Archie, William Jerry Industrial Arts BS 1962
Ashley, Lloyd Allen Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS 1966
Awada, Adnan A Civil Engineering MS 1986
Azrak, Razeck Salvador Electrical Engineering BS 1983
Bayoud, Salam F Civil Engineering MS 1977
Bayoud, Ziad F Civil Engineering BS 1977
Bennett, Donald M Industrial Arts BS 1959
Bisat, Nassir B Civil Engineering BS 1982
  Civil Engineering MS 1983
Blanchard, Clive Stanfield Computer Engineering Technology BS 2003
  Manufacturing Engineering Technology MS 2005
Bolliger, Peter Mechanical Engineering BS 1972
Bond, William J Mechanical Engineering BS 1977
Boutwell, Robert Harold Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS 2001
Brasfield, Kathleen Lisa Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS 2006
Brown, Mario E Computer Engineering Technology BS 2003
Bujang-Masli, Talib Civil Engineering BS 1986
Busaisow, Abdalla Rishdi Mechanical Engineering BS 1988
Canizaro, Steven E Civil Engineering BS 1987
Ch Ng, Hean Khim Civil Engineering BS 1989
  Civil Engineering MS 1991
Chai, Lu Y Civil Engineering BS 1986
Chamaa, Salim Civil Engineering BS 1978
  Civil Engineering MS 1979
Chang, Ah Lim Civil Engineering BS 1988
  Civil Engineering MS 1990
Chang, Chew L Civil Engineering BS 1987
Chang, Kuo Tsi Mechanical Engineering MS 1983
Charoensuk, Prabhand Electrical Engineering BS 1978
Chen, I-Jane Biomedical Engineering MS 2006
Chinnapuvvala, Vamsi Subrahmanya Manufacturing Engineering Technology MS 2003
Chinni, Govinda Raju Manufacturing Engineering Technology MS 2002
Chong, Thien Soon Civil Engineering BS 1988
Chow, Cyril Fong-Lap Electrical Engineering BS 1976
Chuang, Chung Cheng Mechanical Engineering MS 1989
Chung, Cheng Y Civil Engineering BS 1987
Clarkson, John Kenneth Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS 1969
Cook, John T Electrical Engineering BS 1984
Cook, Robert L Industrial Technology BS 1966
Crawford, Tonia McNeal Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS 1991
Dahlan, Lokman A Electrical Engineering BS 1985
Davis, James S Electrical Engineering BS 1976
Dayani, Mortaza Civil Engineering BS 1978
Delgado, Policarpio Mechanical Engineering MS 1990
Deyo, Hoit Bryan Civil Engineering BS 1981
Dillon, John T R III Mechanical Engineering BS 1994
Duran, Alberto Civil Engineering BS 1974
  Civil Engineering MS 1976
Ellers, Shellie Harrison Mechanical Engineering BS 1996
Fayazi, Shahnaz Mechanical Engineering BS 1976
Fields, James D Trade & Industrial Technology BS 1966
Fields, Shetland D Electronics Engineering Technology BS 1986
Gallagher, Paul W Electronics Engineering Technology BS 1969
Gan, Rong-Zhu Biomedical Engineering PHD 1992
Ganapathy, Gunasekaran Electrical Engineering BS 1989
Gibson, James E Industrial Arts BS 1963
Goh, Kai C Civil Engineering BS 1987
Gonzalez Gordo, Monica Mechanical Engineering BS 2003
Haji Omar, Mohammed B Civil Engineering BS 1984
Hamilton, John T Jr Computer Engineering Technology BS 1984
Hamra, Farid R Civil Engineering BS 1979
  Civil Engineering MS 1981
Hamra, Fouad Chakib Mechanical Engineering BS 1973
Hansen, Cheryl Fite Mechanical Engineering BS 1990
Hardison, William E Industrial Technology BS 1967
Hashim, Rosli B Civil Engineering BS 1985
Hawkins, James Dean Drafting & Design Technology BS 1966
Hedayati, Ahmad Civil Engineering BS 1989
Hj Ahmad, Nor Rashidah Electrical Engineering BS 1986
Ho, Chung Yueh Mechanical Engineering MS 1987
Hsu, Chih Electrical Engineering MS 1987
Husain, Rozaki Electrical Engineering BS 1990
Hussain, Mohd S Electrical Engineering BS 1985
Hussein, Tawfiq Mohammad Mechanical Engineering BS 1989
Ibrahim, Khairuddin Electrical Engineering BS 1984
Ibrahim, Ziad K Civil Engineering BS 1985
Ishak, Mokhtar B Electrical Engineering BS 1985
Ishak Muhamad, Zulhizzan Bin Civil Engineering BS 1988
  Civil Engineering MS 1990
Jackson, Angela S Electronics Engineering Technology BS 1990
Jacobson, Harry D Mechanical Engineering BS 1980
Javeri, Bharat J Mechanical Engineering MS 1970
Jbeili, John E Mechanical Engineering BS 1978
Johnson, David Gary Industrial Arts BS 1970
  Technical Education MS 1973
Jones, Chris Electronics Engineering Technology BS 1982
Kalaouze, Fayek J Civil Engineering BS 1982
Kanaan, Zein N Civil Engineering BS 1982
Katragadda, Srinivasa Rao Electrical Engineering MS 1990
Kettaneh, Ayman F Civil Engineering BS 2001
Khoo, Nee K Civil Engineering BS 1986
King, Douglas W Mechanical Engineering BS 1988
Koka, Dinesh Venkata Mechanical Engineering MS 2004
Ku, Tsung Hung Electrical Engineering BS 1992
Ku Mahmud, Ku Harris Civil Engineering BS 1987
Lam, Kar C Electrical Engineering BS 1977
Lam, Shiu Hoi Civil Engineering BS 1996
Laue, Herman Joseph Electrical Engineering BS 1980
Lee, Kim S Civil Engineering BS 1986
Leon, Elizabeth Electrical Engineering MS 2004
Leung, Jackson KH Electrical Engineering BS 1972
Lim, Chuan Electrical Engineering BS 1984
Lim, Wen C Mechanical Engineering BS 1986
Lin, Woei Chung Industrial & Systems Engineering MS 1980
Liu, Bin Biomedical Engineering MS 2000
Loh, Pak Chun Civil Engineering BS 1989
Long, W A Drafting & Design Technology BS 1970
Ma, Chee Wing Civil Engineering BS 1988
Mak, Tek K Mechanical Engineering BS 1984
Malas, Nouri S Civil Engineering BS 1983
  Civil Engineering MS 1984
Mandgar, Bijan Electrical Engineering BS 1986
Manseill, Theresa F Civil Engineering BS 1979
McAlexander, William Preston II Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS 1977
McCray, William R Industrial Arts BS 1958
McDermott, Patrick Michael Electrical Engineering BS 1993
Md Din, Norashidah Electrical Engineering BS 1985
Md Kamil, Mohamed Hussain Mechanical Engineering BS 1989
Md Yusof, Md Ridzuan Electrical Engineering BS 1996
Mddaud, M Hisham B Electrical Engineering BS 1986
Megahed, Gamal M Civil Engineering MS 1981
Mehta, Kishor J Mechanical Engineering MS 1974
Mohamad Nor, Abdul Electrical Engineering BS 1984
Mohamed Kutty, Shamsul Rahman Civil Engineering MS 1994
  Civil Engineering PHD 2001
Mohd Noor, Johari B Mechanical Engineering BS 1985
Mohydeen, Nik S Electrical Engineering BS 1986
Murphy, Sondra C Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS 1985
Nakka, Krishna Mohan Manufacturing Engineering Technology MS 2001
Naoufal, Bashir E Civil Engineering BS 1979
Natarajan, Rangash Civil Engineering BS 1990
Nawawi, Sarman Electrical Engineering BS 1991
Ngwenya, Evarestus Mechanical Engineering BS 1993
  Mechanical Engineering MS 1996
Nieh, Chwen Mechanical Engineering MS 1985
Nordin, Jafrei Bin Civil Engineering BS 1989
Nordin, Shahrir Mechanical Engineering BS 1984
Ong, Leong Civil Engineering BS 1993
Owens, Robert L Wood Technology BS 1966
Pathumarak, Somsak Civil Engineering BS 1979
Paydari, Aliakbar Mechanical Engineering BS 1978
Pongiappan, Chandru Civil Engineering BS 1990
Powell, James W Manufacturing Engineering Technology BS 1968
Priest, John Ricks Mechanical Engineering MS 1968
Quek, Peng Tuan Civil Engineering BS 1987
  Civil Engineering MS 1992
Raines, Wade A Mechanical Engineering BS 1970
Rana, Tariq Rashid Civil Engineering MS 1984
Raybagkar, Deepti Ashok Biomedical Engineering MS 2002
Razavi Sayyad, Hassan Technical Education MS 1988
Rbeiz, Jack M Civil Engineering BS 1978
  Civil Engineering MS 1980
Rearick, Barbara Ann Electrical Engineering BS 1994
Reed, John W Jr Construction Technology BS 1980
Riddick, Joana Carvalho Industrial & Systems Engineering BS 2004
Rodgers, Ronnie D Mechanical Engineering BS 1986
Roe, Vance Edward Mechanical Engineering BS 1992
Ruengsakulrach, Chaiyos Electrical Engineering MS 1990
Saad, Ahmad Sukri Mechanical Engineering BS 1989
Sabbahin, Sameer S Civil Engineering MS 1986
Safavian, Mohammed Reza Civil Engineering MS 1970
Salleh, Mazlan Civil Engineering BS 1984
Samad, Azmi A Electrical Engineering BS 1984
Seela, Swapna Manufacturing Engineering Technology MS 2002
Shadid, Bassam Edmond Mechanical Engineering BS 1981
  Mechanical Engineering MS 1982
Shafiai, Muhamad I Civil Engineering BS 1984
Shah, Atul J Electrical Engineering MS 1969
Shah, Bharatkumar A Civil Engineering MS 1970
Shah, Tarachand H Technical Education MS 1972
Shankle, Stephen P Civil Engineering MS 1987
Sharafi, Farouk A Electrical Engineering BS 1978
  Technical Education MS 1985
Sheissi, Gholamhossein Electrical Engineering BS 1977
Shubli, Abdul Rahman B Electrical Engineering BS 1988
Simon, Kamdi Civil Engineering BS 1986
Sintharapantorn, Somchai Construction Technology BS 1972
Slavik, Randal Lee Mechanical Engineering BS 1994
Smith, Franklin E Industrial Arts BS 1955
Smith, Joe Dennis Drafting & Design Technology BS 1967
Smith, William E Drafting & Design Technology BS 1967
Srivatsan, Raghaven Electrical Engineering MS 1986
Srour, Mohammad S Civil Engineering BS 1984
Stewart, James K Computer Engineering Technology BS 1986
Stewart, Nathan D Mechanical Engineering MASC BS 2005
Su, Minghorng Electrical Engineering MS 1981
Sultan, Feraishan Abdullah Electrical Engineering BS 1992
Tan, Hock Tuai Civil Engineering BS 1985
Tee, Lai H Civil Engineering BS 1987
Thompson, James L Industrial Arts BS 1958
Thongprasirt, Rachod Electrical Engineering MS 1995
  Electrical Engineering PHD 2000
Thota, Sai Krishna Manufacturing Engineering Technology MS 1997
Tohid, Jamsari Mechanical Engineering BS 1990
Tokunbo, Adebayo B Construction Technology BS 1979
Toone, John F Electrical Engineering BS 1974
Turaga, Kalyan Manufacturing Engineering Technology MS 2005
Vakilitahami, Ali Mechanical Engineering BS 1979
Vasinrapee, Pasavorn Civil Engineering MS 1976
Venkatas, Alagarramanujam Electrical Engineering MS 1970
Wilson, Brenda Ann Computer Engineering Technology BS 1976
Wong, Yook N Civil Engineering BS 1987
Wright, John Wallace Industrial Technology BS 1966
Yeo, Kiong C Electrical Engineering BS 1986
Yeoh, Kang Peng Electrical Engineering BS 1995
Zabatt, Ibrahim A Electrical Engineering BS 1978
Zahed, Ahmad F Civil Engineering BS 1984
Zainaleain, Mehdi Mechanical Engineering BS 1978
Zulkiple, Adnan Civil Engineering BS 1985

List updated 13-Apr-09

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