William J. Campbell

William J. Campbell

Associate Professor

121 Mitchell Hall
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    Visiting Scholar, Department of History, York University, Toronto


PhD, McMaster University, 2007

Fields of interest

First Peoples, Early North America, Colonization, Frontiers and Borderlands, Canada

Courses Taught

Native American, American Revolution, Early North America, U.S. to 1877


Speculators in Empire: Iroquoia and the 1768 Treaty of Fort Stanwix (New Directions in Native Studies, University of Oklahoma Press, 2012; Paperback, 2014).

Negotiating the Oneida Carry: The Fort Stanwix Treaties and early North America (Organization of American Historians and the National Park Service, forthcoming)

Chapters and Articles

"'The most considerable Indian Trader': George Croghan and Frontiers of Empire, 1740-1756" in Darren Reid, ed., The Making of the Trans-Appalachian West: Society, Cultures, and Peoples, 1754-1832 (McFarland, 2017) forthcoming

"Introduction: Pennsylvania's Frontiers" (with John Smolenski) Journal of Early American History, special edition, vol. 6, Spring 2016. pp. 3-8

"Surrender in the Northeastern Borderlands of Native America" in Hew Strachan and Holger Afflerbach, eds., How Fighting Ends: A History of Surrender (Oxford University Press, 2012).

"'We Germans... are British Subjects': World War I and the Curious Case of Berlin, Ontario, Canada" Canadian Military History, vol. 21, Fall 2012. pp. 36-52.

"An Adverse Patron: Land, Trade, and George Croghan." Pennsylvania History, vol. 76, no. 2, Spring 2009. pp. 117-140.

"Convergence of Interests: William Johnson, George Croghan, the Six Nations, and the 1768 Treaty of Fort Stanwix" New York History vol. 89, no. 2, Spring 2008. pp.127-142.

"Strange Bedfellows: Youth Activists, Government Sponsorship, and the Company of Young Canadians, 1965-1970" (with Carrie A. Dickenson) European Journal of American Studies, Special Issue on May '68 vol.9, 2008. pp. 1-20.

"Seth Newhouse, the Grand River Six Nations and the Writing of the Great Laws" Ontario History, vol. 96, no. 2, autumn 2004. pp. 183-202.

Representative Conferences

'Treaty Worthiness: Empires, Borders, and First Peoples in North America, 1763-1838'
British Association of American Studies, Queen's University
Belfast, Ireland
9 April 2016

"Playing Indian: Europeans, First Peoples, and Struggles for Hegemony in Early North America"
Humanities Center, California State University, Chico (Invited)
Chico, California
23 March 2016

"Washington and Tanaghrisson: Defeat in 1754"
Sons of the American Revolution, Tennessee Chapter Washington Day Gala (Invited)
Memphis, Tennessee
20 February 2016

"Facing West after the War of 1812: Resistance and Reality in Indian Country"
McConnell Center, University of Louisville (Invited)
Louisville, Kentucky
21 October 2015

Negotiating Empires: Iroquoia, 1763-1838
Bay Area Early American Seminar Series (Invited)
University of California, Berkeley, California 1 February 2015


2017-present Content and Historical Advisor, Davies Manor Association
2015-2016 (Chair) Graduate Awards Committee
2014-2015 (Member) Graduate Awards Committee
2015-2017 (Member) Teaching and Mentorship Committee

Current projects/Works in Progress

"An Inconvenient Founder: George Croghan, Failure, and the Making of America"

"The Death of the Sachem: Colonization and the Rise of Warrior culture in North America, 1701-1815."