Michele Coffey co-edits book Navigating Souths

navigating souths cover page[20 July 2017] Dr. Michele Coffey is the co-editor of a new, groundbreaking collection of essays on the "New Southern Studies," entitled Navigating Souths: Transdisciplinary Explorations of a U.S. Region. Along with Dr. Jodi Skipper of the University of Mississippi, Dr. Coffey has edited fourteen original essays by scholars across the humanities and social sciences, probing to reframe the field of southern studies. The book is published by University of Georgia Press, and you can find more information about it at their website.



Isabel Machaho and the "Redneck Nightmare Genre"

[29 June 2017] Isabel Machado, a Ph.D. candidate in the Department of History, has published an article in "Study the South" entitled "Revisiting Deliverance: The Sunbelt South, the 1970s Masculinity Crisis, and the Emergence of the Redneck Nightmare Genre." You can check it out by following this link.

Catherine Phipps and "Reconnecting Asia"

[28 June 2017] The Center for Strategic and International Studies asked Dr. Catherine Phipps to contribute expert analysis on its site, "Reconnecting Asia."  You can read Japan's Ports and Power by clicking this link.

Florida A&M Names Reginald Ellis (PhD 2011) Teacher of the Year


 [27 June 2017] Dr. Reginald Ellis was named the Teacher of the Year for 2016-2107 at Florida A&M University. He was recognized for his excellent teaching and advising, as well as his mentorship both in and beyond the classroom. He completed his PhD in 2011 under the direction of Dr. Beverly Bond. Congratulations to Dr. Ellis!



Dr. Scott Marler on Confederate Monuments

[13 June 2017] Dr. Scott Marler recently published a piece in The Nation about removing Confederate monuments and starting a Reconstruction museum in New Orleans. You can check out the piece by clicking this link.

Dr. Richard Saunders returns from 2017 Chang'an Symposium

[30 May 2017] Dr. Richard Saunders, who completed his PhD in History in 2012, was a recent participant in the Chang'an Symposium, held annually by Northwest University in Xian, China. A dozen Western scholars (many teaching elsewhere in China) came to speak about the cross-cultural exchanges between East and West. Dr. Saunders delivered remarks that centered on the collapse of the China sea trade following the fourteenth century Ming rebellion and how it created a vacuum into which European explorers moved east – a topic he first explored in graduate school while taking Dr. Jim Blythe's global history course.

Dr. Saunders is now the Dean of the Gerald R. Sherratt Library at Southern Utah University and the editor of RBM: A Journal of Rare Books, Manuscripts, & Cultural Heritage. His dissertation, written under the direction of Aram Goudsouzian, was entitled, "'Encouraged by a Little Progress': Voting Rights and the Contests over Social Place and Civil Society in Tennessee's Fayette and Haywood Counties, 1958-1964."

saunders symposium


Dr. Dan Unowsky at the European University Institute in Florence

dunowsky[15 May 2017] Dr. Dan Unowsky was in Florence for a workshop for The Cambridge History of the Habsburg Monarchy II 1790-1918, hosted by the European University Institute in Florence. He'll be staying on in Europe doing research for his next project in Bielsko-Biala, Poland and Vienna, Austria through June 3.

  Dr. Malcolm Frierson to deliver North Lake College commencement address

malcolm frierson commencement[12 May 2017] Dr. Malcolm Frierson (PhD 2015) has been selected to give the commencement address at the North Lake College graduation ceremony this Saturday, May 13. He is currently a Professor of History and the college's 2016-2017 President's Scholar. The commencement address is titled "The Key to Success," and will offer suggestions to assist graduates with succeeding in a rapidly changing local, national, and global community. He also plans to briefly address the recent wave of tragic violence that has affected multiple college campuses in Texas.

Drs. Beverly Bond and Andre Johnson on TLC this Sunday

[7 Apr 2017] Dr. Beverly Bond from History and Dr. Andre Johnson from Communications are on TLC on Sunday night. They will appear on the show that explores celebrity's family histories, "Who Do You Think You Are?" This week's episode is about the great singer and songwriter Smokey Robinson.

who do you think you are

Dr. Christine Eisel delivers address at Washington Day Gala

[21 Feb 2017] On Saturday, 18 February Dr. Christine Eisel delivered the keynote address at the Sons of the American Revolution Washington Day Gala. Her talk was titled "George Washington: The Construction of a Patriarch," and in it she discussed the ways Washington, his contemporaries, historians, and artists all contributed to the creation of the "Washington myth." Though motivations varied, the result was the intentional construction of a patriarch. Both the Sons and Daughters of the American Revolution attended.

eisel gala image










Dr. Beverly Bond honored at 14th Annual Freedom Awards and Mahogany Ball

[20 Feb 2017] On Friday, 17 February Dr. Beverly Bond was at the NAACP 14th Annual Freedom Awards and Mahogany Ball. She was the 2017 Education Honoree. Thank you to Ms. Kimberly Reese for the photos, and congrats to Dr. Bond on this achievement.

bond program     bond award      bond group


Rebekkah Mulholland publishes Wright State University

[ 13 Feb 2017] Rebekkah Mulholland has authored the book Wright State University, a history of the first public institution of higher wright state universityeducation in Dayton, Ohio. The book is published through the "Campus History" series at Arcadia Publishing. Ms. Mulholland holds a master of arts in public history, master of humanities, and bachelor's degree in liberal studies, all from Wright State. She is now a Ph.D. student in the Department of History at the University of Memphis.





Department of History cohosts the Midwest Japan Seminar

[13 Feb 2017] The Department of History helped cohost the Midwest Japan Seminar on 11-February 2017. You can read more about it here. According to their website, "The Midwest Japan Seminar is an association of scholars who devote a significant portion of their effort to Japan studies. The seminar meets five times a year at various host institutions throughout the Midwest, once in conjunction with the Midwest Conference on Asian Affairs." Dr. Catherine Phipps was the official host of Saturday's seminar for these scholars of Japanese studies.

Dr. Susan O'Donovan Reappointed as an OAH Distinguished Lecturer

odonovan faculty image [1-Feb 2017] Dr. Susan O'Donovan was reappointed for another three year term as an OAH distinguished lecturer. She's served in this capacity since 2008.