Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

Faculty Mentors:  Prof. P.K. Jain and Prof. Nap Overton

Faculty Mentor's Department:  Finance, Insurance, and Real Estate

Email Address: and

Project Description:  Valuation Research on Bloomberg.  This project involves valuation research, data collection, data analysis, and report preparation for equity and fixed income securities, assisting with management of about a half a million dollar real money belonging to Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) in an inter-university competition investment competition, and/or participation in  CFA Institute's worldwide research inter-university equity research challenge.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Students will become Bloomberg certified in the first week. Interest in Business Research, External Certifications such as CFA or CFP, and management of real money as part of TVA portfolio.

Starting Date: At the beginning of each semester

Method of Compensation: Volunteer/Academic Credit is available through independent study course or by registering for FIR 4331 or FIR 4730 but that is not required.