Faculty Mentor: Bryna Bobick

Faculty Mentor's Department: Art, Art Education

Phone/Email: 901.678.1472,

Project Description: Three continuing research projects may benefit interested honor students:

(1) Survey of Elementary Art Teachers: This project examines what areas of art education are currently being taught in elementary schools across the United States. An online survey was conducted with elementary art teachers. This summer, the data will be analyzed and divided into categories.

(2) Compare and contrast aspect of elementary art instruction in various states.

(3) This study will shed light on elementary art instruction. The student applicant will gain real world research skills and develop an understanding of what is required to conduct survey research.

Requirements for Student Applicants: Positive attitude, interest in survey research and working with others.

Starting Date: open

Method of Compensation (Volunteer, Academic Credit, or Stipend): Volunteer or Academic Credit