Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research

Faculty Mentor: Yeh Hsueh

Faculty Mentor's Department: Educational Psychology and Research – Department of Counseling, Educational Psychology and Research

Phone/Email: 901.678.5091,

Project Description:

Three continuing research projects may benefit interested honor students:

(1) Children's Understandings of Respect Project. This project examines how preschoolers and elementary school children develop their notions of respect and how they try to act respectfully in socially accepted ways. The methods used in this study include quantitative and narrative analysis. One part of the project focuses on cross-cultural examination of Chinese and US school children's notions of respect. Another part of the project involves a children-generated list of their own words about respect, which will be analyzed in relation to other data.

(2) Comparative Study of Preschool Children's Emotion Socialization. Three emotional behaviors of young children are the main foci of this study: crying, temper tantrum and help seeking.

(3) Comparative study of preschool teachers' cultural beliefs and practice.

Requirements for Student Applicants:Interested in answering their own questions, having a broader interest in social sciences, willing to work independently and creatively, taking responsibility seriously, and enjoying collaborating with others.
Starting Date: open

Method of Compensation (Volunteer, Academic Credit, or Stipend): Volunteer or Academic Credit