Civil Engineering

Dr. Brian Waldron

Director, Center for Partnerships in GIS (CPGIS)

Wilder Tower Suite 900

Phone/Email: 901.678.3283,

Project Description: CPGIS performs a number of services to local, state and federal government as well as NPO's on mapping spatial features and conducting spatial analyses using geographic information systems, or GIS. GIS is a very powerful tool for building, identifying and analyzing spatial connectivity between features whether it be identifying the shortest ambulatory route from the hospital to a home, mapping habitat impairments along a stream, finding trends in health for epidemiology, or creating a network of man-made infrastructure. Hence, GIS is used in geography, engineering, business, medical, biology, archeology, computer science, city planning, law, and many more fields. CPGIS hires students from nearly 12 different departments to work in interdisciplinary teams on projects both in the field and in the lab. Knowing GIS is not a requirement as we will teach you the software – you will learn some of the most advanced functions of GIS making you quite marketable upon graduation. All workers are paid well with raises given based on productivity and added responsibility.

Requirements: Provide a resume to Dr. Waldron. Students must be able to work at least 10 hours a week. Employment is continued during the summer.

Starting date: Hiring occurs throughout the year based on project demands.

Method of compensation: Hourly wages. You do NOT need to be a full-time student to work at CPGIS.