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If you have not yet acquired an account with the HPC, please email the HPC Administratorswith your full name.

To receive an account, you must be an enrolled student, faculty, or conducting research affiliated with a department within the University of Memphis. If the latter case applies, then we must have verification from the department which will sponsor your time on our resources and we may discuss this on a case by case basis.

Logging In

Once you have acquired a [username] you may open up a s(ecure)sh(ell) to 1 of 2 login nodes (login0-1) by opening up a Terminal window (Unix/Linux/Mac) and submitting the following command:

$ssh [username]

Windows users will most likely need to install an application such as PuTTY, a SSH client which offers a graphical user interface where you can input the necessary login information, such as your username, password, and the the host name for our login node (or just penguin). An SFTP(Secure File Transfer Protocol) client such as WinSCP or Tunnelier will also be necessary for uploading to, and/or downloading from, your share on the cluster. Please read the paragraph directly below for information on how to connect to the cluster from off campus, keep in mind that if you are able to secure an off campus connection you will need to appropriately configure whichever third party application(s) you decide to use.

The node you log into is determined by a "round-robin" scheme which will distribute users evenly among our login nodes. Also, please note, access to the cluster is restricted to connections within the University of Memphis's LAN (assuming that you are trying to ssh within the LAN, you can drop the "" tag and merely use $ssh [username]@penguin ).

If you wish to access the HPC from outside the University's LAN you must secure an account on a host within the LAN that does allow for an off campus connection and log into their server before logging into the HPC cluster. It is the users responsibility to secure an account on a host server outside the HPC. One method for students and faculty is the University's Virtual Private Network (VPN), which only requires your UUID and password. Detailed information regarding installation and usage, as well as a comprehensive FAQs, can be found at the University's VPN site.


If you are logging into the cluster for the first time, you will need to immediately change the temporary password initially given to you. This process should begin automatically when you login for the first time. If not, or if you would like to change your password at any other point in time, you can use the command:


If you cannot remember your password, please email the HPC Administrators and it will be reset for you.

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