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Embedding Unit

Brief Description

The Leica EG1160 is compact bench-top tissue embedding station which enables the user to produce paraffin embedded tissues that can later be successfully sectioned with ease. The embedding station has a separately heated paraffin dispensing system with an integrated filter. This feature ensures a constant paraffin flow at ten different flow rate settings. Paraffin dispensing can be activated manually, via foot pedal or using the paraffin mold handle. The conveniently located refrigeration spot enables users to consistently produce excellent paraffin embedded tissues with precise specimen orientation.

The Leica EG1160 embedding center features a digital programmable interface which enables users to program individual temperature settings for the paraffin reservoir, cassette bath, mold warmer and work surface.  The station also gives users the flexibility to program work day, work starting time, work end time, real time and day of the week settings. The individual functional units of the Leica EG1160 embedding station are ergonomically positioned to enable efficient and convenient operation as well as, high quality specimen embedding to ensure excellent results.

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Embedding is the process by which tissues are surrounded by a medium such as paraffin wax. The orientation of tissue in melted paraffin which when solidified will provide sufficient external support during sectioning by keeping intact all parts of the tissue when sections are cut.

At the completion of processing, tissues are held in clean paraffin wax which is free of solvent and particulate matter. Tissues are then embedded by placing them in a mold filled with molten embedding medium which is then allowed to solidify. The main mold system and associated embedding protocol presently in use is that of cassette-bases which become an integral part of the block and serve as the block holder in the microtome. Embedding requirements and procedures are essentially the same for all waxes.

Requirements for embedding are as follows:

  • a supply of clean, filtered paraffin wax held at 2-4°C above its melting point.

  • a cold plate to rapidly cool the wax.

  • a supply of moulds in which to embed the tissues.

These elements are conveniently combined in embedding stations.

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