How to download Guide

Download Guide from the Apple App Store

Download Guide from Google Play

Open the App Store/Google Play Store on your mobile device.Search "GUIDE College Simplified".Install the first app on the results. (It should be published by "Education Advisory Board") Install and open the app. Allow GUIDE to access media. Tap "Select School or Institution" and search for "University of Memphis", then select it. Log in with your UUID and password for your myMemphis account. You should now be logged in to the Guide app.

Guide: College Simplified              GUIDE Journeys

Guide is a free mobile app that organizes your goals, tasks, and educational information in one place. Having GUIDE installed to your device is like always having an advisor in your pocket, ready to answer any questions you have about your future at the University of Memphis. If you are unsure what to do next, GUIDE lists your next step for your college career. If you forgot to do something, such as register for classes, GUIDE will remind you to do so. Also, the app is packed with useful tools such as viewing your schedule, making an appointment with your advisor, and even seeing how much a job in your field would pay. GUIDE is always being updated, with new features being added regularly. Overall, GUIDE: College Simplified is an incredibly useful application to simplify your experience at the University of Memphis.

Why do I need Guide?

GUIDE can display everything you need in one place. The app clears up any confusion you may have about what to do next. If you enable notifications, GUIDE will automatically alert you of important upcoming events or requirements. Guide will make your college experience easier, especially for new students who feel overwhelmed with tasks.