International MBA Students, apply for the Peer Power Scholars Programs to earn a $10,000 assistantship per annum & to have your tuition waived!

International MBA students, apply for the Peer Power Scholars Program today and have your tuition covered!

Earn While You Learn

The Peer Power Scholars Program is awarding assistantships of $10,000 per annum to six full-time International MBA students per cohort! In addition to this generous assistantship provided by Peer Power, you will also receive a full tuition-waiver from the Fogelman College of Business and Economics.

If selected, you will serve as a mentor to other students. As a Peer Power Scholar, you will tutor students in subjects such as economics, finance, accounting, quantitative analysis, and more. Additionally, you will mentor them in soft-skills such as time management. Ultimately, you will act as a success coach and your primary goal will be to help students overcome any obstacles that they may face in their academic pursuits.

Please note that the requirements of this assistantship and tuition-waiver may be customized to each recipient.

Please contact Ms. Ashley Holloway if you are interested in applying for this assistantship.

To learn more about the Peer Power Scholars Program, visit