Student Success Stories

Many UofM students have experienced tremendous results from their academic internships. Listed below are a few examples of students who have benefited from their internship experience at their internship sites.

To watch a video of one of our successful internship experiences, Click here.

Also, see a video of the Fall 2014 Green Internship experience.


Ina Brown

Classification: Senior
Internship Site:

I know no other way to explain my internship experience except memorable. This semester I learned the true value of a green internship. I was very pleased to have worked alongside Dr. Simco, Dr. Goudie, and the volunteer David.

Dr. Simco taught me many things about water aquatics, and showed me how USDA grade catfish are raised.

Dr. Goudie helped me enhance my experience with excel. While teaching me the true value of our environment all the way down to the trees and birds that we see on a daily basis.

David and I were able to get all the bird feeders, blue bird houses and martin house setup and installed around the circle drive on South Campus. Time seemed to fly by as I learn new and exciting things. I would recommend this site for any future green intern, due to the fact that they welcomed me with open arms, and I gained so much knowledge about saving our environment


katanaKatana Buchanan

Classification: Senior
Internship site: Jabberblabber Earth Friendly Family Magazine
While interning at Jabberblabber Earth Friendly Family Magazine, I have to say my most memorable moment was going out to the community and helping with events. I loved getting out and being effective and helpful in the community.

katieKatie Dagastino

Classification: Senior
Internship site: Ground Water Institute
The most valuable thing that I will take away from my internship is the amount of confidence that this opportunity has given me. I will end this year and a half long experience with the knowledge and the wherewithal to enter into the job market as a more capable, confident, and knowledgeable geologist. I am so grateful to GWI and the internship office for allowing me this experience

 carloCarlo Garcia

Classification: Senior
Internship Site: Industrial Assessment Center - Mechanical Engineering

As a mechanical engineering student, it is very important to build a professional network for potentially future internships or full time positions. By working with the Industrial Assessment Center, I've had the opportunity to network during each Industrial Assessment project and event. Learning different processes from different plant managers and engineering staff on different facilities has given me a better understating on what to expect as a mechanical engineer.

elizabethElizabeth Jones

Classification: Junior
Internship Site: Student Health Center.
My most memorable moments were my tabling events in the University Center.  I prepared a table on topics such as Birth Control, Spring Break Safety, and Skin Safety. What I enjoyed most was being able to teach people about the risk factors, prevention, and multiple facts associated with each topic. I also enjoyed having to be creative and coming up with designs that would draw people in to want to learn about my topic.