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DeAndre Fears

DeAndre Fears, Sophomore in Geography
Green Intern with Highland Area Renewal Corporation
My favorite part about being Green Intern is being able to work with nature. Many people do not garden or plan for sustainable developments. I think it is awesome to be a part of a corporation that is doing both of these things. This internship has taught me to have initiative in my future career - I may have new, fresh ideas that need to be expressed to the board.

Fausto Frias

Fausto Frias, Junior in Engineering
Intern with Carrier Corporation
Interning allows students to apply what they've learned in the classroom to "real-world" applications. As a mechanical engineering student, my internship enabled me to narrow down and determine my specific career interests within such a broad field.

My favorite part of my internship is that I'm able to gain experience, network, receive college credit, and get paid for it, at the same time. Being a mechanical engineering student, my internship has allowed me to gain skills that I will use for a lifetime, such as CAD software, troubleshooting, and even some management.

LaDarius Millen

LaDarius Millen, Junior in Pre-Pharmacy
Intern with the Memphis Zoo
The best part of my internship is providing a service to mankind, by raising awareness of sustainability. The internship will help me in the future because it has strengthen my communication skills and taught professional etiquette.

Julia Noel

Julia Noel, Senior in Nutrition
Intern with Memphis Botanic Gardens
I have loved participating in the outreach program classes with our Outreach coordinator. The children are such a joy to teach! Working as an intern for a non-profit organization is the perfect experience for my future as a community nutritionist. I have had the opportunity to work on grant applications, event planning, and much more.

Eron Raines

Eron Raines, Senior in Biology
Intern with Memphis Botanic Garden
Being exposed to new ideas regarding and methods of environmental conservation. Working in the most beautiful place in Memphis with the most interesting/intelligent folks around isn't so bad either. I am learning new methods of bioremediation (myco-, dendro-, phyto-, microbial etc), cutting edge botanical theories, new concepts in regards to biogeography (endemia, evolution, etc), and how to communicate something as complicated as the reasoning behind Linnaean Taxonomy to the general public in just a few paragraphs. I have been introduced to the work of preeminent scholars of contemporary conservationists that has opened my eyes to new realms of environmental conservation.

Angela Trillo

Angela Trillo, Senior in Marketing Major
Intern for Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation
This internship has helped me tremendously for the future of my career, because it has given me the opportunity to display my skills and knowledge in marketing, as well as my qualities and skills to work for the Latino community in Memphis and its surroundings areas. Through this internship, I managed to open up the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation for access to the Latino community, which is the fastest growing sector in the United States.

The most important thing I have learned with my internship is how to organize and prepare for events, seminars, and classes for the community. Also, thanks to my supervisor Kelly Penwell, I have had the opportunity to learn valuable knowledge of how to understand the market and its conditions in order to assist customers who visit us daily in our Center.

It is very difficult to say which is my favorite part of my internship, because I really like everything I am doing in my internship. However, the emphasis of my job on increasing the reach the Latino community is one of my favorites. In the past 8 weeks of working in the Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation, I have managed to be featured on a radio station and to appear in newspapers and social media sites, all this in Spanish. Another thing that I really enjoy doing is teaching classes in Spanish and conducting personalized meetings with Hispanics and non-Hispanic clients. The best part is the satisfaction of knowing that I am helping others.

The internships are excellent opportunities for students, since they open doors to valuable experiences. With the internship, we have the opportunity to go above and beyond in our obligations. I have learned the key of a successful internship is not to ask: "What do I need to do now?' Just feel and sense the necessities in your workplace, and "Do it!" It is always important not to think about the money you are earning but about how the experience and knowledge are really the most important earnings in the internship, and are worth more than any monetary value.

Shelby Wilson

Shelby Wilson, Junior in Film and Video Major
Intern with ALSAC/St. Jude
My favorite part has definitely been getting a look into what having a career will be like. I've gained so much experience in a short amount of time and I feel like I have a much better understanding of what having a job will be like. I feel better prepared to go into the work force.
The people you intern with open up some great networking opportunities and can offer things you can't learn in a traditional classroom in more ways than I can name! It's given me a completely different perspective on what to expect when I graduate. I was always nervous about going into the work force and this has helped me feel less anxious and more excited. I also feel like I've learned more than I was able to in a traditional classroom. Being able to work hands on with something you want to do as a career is a great stepping stool to prepare you for the real world.


Rebecca Laumann

Rebecca Laumann, Director of Study Abroad, University of Memphis
Set yourself apart from your peers by doing an internship abroad. You will gain highly valued skills and experience and a unique perspective on the global economy. An internship abroad may be your key to landing the right job after graduation!

Shelia Moses

Shelia Moses, Internship Coordinator for Engineering
The importance of internships in the engineering curriculum cannot be overstated. In addition to providing networking opportunities and invaluable work experience, internships provide opportunities for students to demonstrate function within multidisciplinary teams and application of theoretical knowledge to real-world problems. These skills are critical to the success of any practicing engineer.

Dr. Erin Willis

Dr. Erin Willis, Professor of Journalism
Much of the professional landscape now requires students to have had internships prior to entering the workforce, so I think it is important for students to seek out opportunities to learn and develop their skills in order to be a viable candidate on the job market.


Mikki Carver

Mikki Carver, Mirimichi Golf Course
Interning at Mirimichi really helped get my foot in the door in the hospitality industry and gave me the real world experience I needed. Students should always take the opportunity to participate in an internship. It not only gives you hands on experience, but could possibly turn into a full-time position to really jump start your career.

Be flexible: As the new kid on the block you will probably get stuck with those tasks that everyone dislikes. It is important to respect your supervisor's seniority and show them you can handle the job.

John McCarther

John McCarther, North Western Mutual
Starting my career as an intern was valuable because I was able to test drive the career to figure out if it was something that I could see myself doing for the rest of my working days. After completing the internship, I knew I was where I wanted to be and was doing what I wanted to do. This gave me more confidence and conviction to work even harder to build my business.

Students should intern for many different reasons. First, it is important to establish a good work ethic, which working and excelling in school will do. Second, students need to start to get a feeling for the type of career, or professional field, that they want to be in and can succeed in. Lastly, the experience you gain from an internship will last a lifetime. Whether the experience is good or bad, there are lessons to be learned at every turn.

Northwestern Mutual has had one of the Top 10 internship programs in the country for the last 16 years. What makes our program so special is that the interns start off in the same position that a full time financial representative does. They are given great training and development, and have an unlimited opportunity from an income standpoint. The best advice I can give to an intern is to work hard and really try and get a feel if what you are doing is a proper fit. Knowing what you want to be doing as a profession is very important in life and the sooner you can figure it out, the quicker you will find success.

Shawn Roberson

Shawn Roberson, Latino Memphis
My internship taught me a lot about advocacy and it prepared me for my new role with Latino Memphis. Non-profits such as Latino Memphis have a wide array of tasks and usually with limited staffing. Motivated interns will always have projects to work on and Latino Memphis allows interns opportunities to provide input.

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