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Basketball 3 on 3 Game Rules rules


  1. The first team to reach 15 points will be declared the winner, or, any team ahead after 20 minutes.
  2. Scoring… 1 point inside the arc and 2 points outside the arc.
  3. The clock will run continuously except for timeouts.
  4. One timeout per game.
  5. Overtime will be two minutes running clock.
  6. Players are responsible for making their own calls. Please honor all fouls. If a player calls a foul in the act of shooting and makes the basket, the basket will not count. The ball will be taken out at the top of the key (behind the two point arc).
  7. Flagrant or continuous misconduct may result in the dismissal of the offending player. If the court monitor rules a foul was flagrant, the player fouled will shoot two free throw and retain possession. Two flagrant fouls will result in the automatic ejection from the game. Anyone involved in fighting, for any reason, will be ejected from the tournament.
  8. After all fouls, until the 10th, or if the ball is out-of-bounds, the ball will be taken out at the top of the key. On and after the 10th, foul will result in one free throw and change of possession.
  9. No roster changes are allowed after the teams first game.
  10. All players must sign a waiver before playing.
  11. On all change possessions, a player must have control of the ball with at least one foot outside the 2-point arc. Failure to take it back will be loss in possession and the loss of any point resulting from that possession. It is not a violation unless a shot is attempted prior to taking the ball behind the two-point arc.
  12. An opposing player must check the ball before it is put into play. The ball must be passed to a teammate to begin play.
  13. Players are limited to one team only. No one may play on more than one team (exception to rule will be if you participate in the Coed league)
  14. The team captain is expected to represent his/her team. If there is a dispute, which needs to be resolved, a Court Supervisor will come to your court to handle the situation. The Court Monitor or Court Supervisor’s decision is final for the purpose of that game. Once play resumes after a disagreement, the problem is considered a dead issue. During any protest, time on the game clock will continue to run.
  15. Sportsmanship guidelines will apply to this event.

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