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Basketball 5 on 5 Game Rules rules

Campus Recreation and Intramural Services 5 on 5 Basketball Rules

Note: Current NCAA basketball rules will be adhered to with the following exceptions.

    1. A team consists of 5 players.  A team may begin a game with no less than 4 players or a forfeit will be awarded to the opposing team.
    2. The game will be played in two 20-minute halves with a three-minute intermission.  The clock will run continuously until the final two minutes of a close game, defined as the two teams being within 20 points of each other.  During the final two minutes of the game, the clock will stop for all infractions in accordance with NCAA rules.
    3. A forfeit will be called if a team is not present and ready to play at 10 minutes past the scheduled game start time.
    4. Delay of Game Penalty: If one of the teams fails to have the required number of players ready for play at game time, the scorekeeper will begin the game clock, and within each 5-minute mark, the team that has the required number of players will be awarded points as follow:
  1. Time elapsed

    Points awarded

    0 to 5 minutes

    10 points

    5 to 10 minutes

    20 points


    1. Reserve Clause: The IM Staff reserves the right to make time adjustments to accommodate scheduling conflicts.
    2. Mercy Rule:  If at any time one team attains a 50-point lead during the second half, a 35 point lead with 4 minutes, or 25 point lead with 2 minutes, the game will be ended.
    3. Each team is awarded four (4) timeouts per game (Timeouts can be carried over for overtime periods).  One additional timeout will be awarded for any overtime period.
    4. All common fouls (non-shooting fouls) will result in a throw-in by the offended team, except during the final two minutes of the game.  During this time, all common fouls will result in a 1 and 1 free throws situation for the offended team.  Both teams are considered to be in the ‘bonus situation’ during this time.
    5. Overtime periods will consist of an extra period of two minutes with the clock stopping according to NCAA rules.
    6. All unsportsmanlike technical fouls will count as personal fouls.  Technical fouls will result in the offending team given the opportunity to shoot two free throws and awarded possession of the ball.  Two technical fouls called on the same player will result in an automatic disqualification for that player. Three technical fouls (direct) called on the same team will result in the team forfeiting the game.
    7. Players may not participate with equipment that the sport supervisor judges to be dangerous to the participants. Hard casts, metal or plastic braces, headwear, and jewelry are examples of illegal equipment.
    8. All participants must wear: a)Jerseysof matching color and numbered.  Unacceptable jerseys, as determined by game officials, will result in a technical foul for each player with the unacceptable attire.  b) Court shoes only: No sandals or dark soled marking shoes. Playing with no shoes is not allowed.
    9. Teams are responsible for keeping their spectators under control. Misconduct of spectators and players may result in ejection and/or forfeiture of the game. Spectators must remain in the out-of-play areas, this includes the baseline areas. Only players are permitted in the playing area.

    14.       Teams offensive side of the court will be on the opposite end of the court from their team bleacher in the first half of the game. In the second half of the game, teams offensive side of the court will be on the same end of the court as their team bleacher.


    Special Points:

    1. All four sides of the backboard are in play in IM games. The ball is dead if it touches the fixtures that support the backboard.
    2. In the event a player is injured, the clock will stop and play will continue with the addition of a substitute as soon as possible.  The clock will start immediately after the referee determines that the injury is not serious.
    3. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed in recreational facilities. In the judgment of the official, if a player is intoxicated or if any team member is in the possession of alcoholic beverages, they are subject to disqualification, team forfeit, or flagrant technical fouls.
    4. Any inappropriate language by player, bench personnel, coaches, officials, and spectators will not be tolerated. Any use of inappropriate language will result in a technical foul. Each group has a responsibility to the game and to each other to demonstrate civility and citizenship.


    A.        Eligibility

    1. UofM Intramural events are open to all UofM students, faculty and staff.
    2. Valid UofM student photo I.D. or UofM faculty/staff photos I.D. are required to participate in all UofM Intramural events.
    3. A player may participate for only one single-sex team.
    4. A player may not transfer from one team to another without permission of the IM director.
    5. If a person plays for more than one single-sex team, his/her loyalty will be considered with the team for which he/she first played. The player in question can no longer participate in that particular sport.

    B.        Basketballs

    • The IM Department will provide game balls.  These balls are not for warm-up use.  Basketballs may be checked out from the equipment room, but valid UofM I.D.s is required for player check-in to games.

    C.        Head decorations, headwear and jewelry, hats, bandanas, sleeves and stocking caps are prohibited.  No exceptions. Only single piece headbands no wider than two (2) inches and made of nonabrasive and unadorned single-colored cloth, elastic, fiber, soft leather or rubber may be worn.

    • This also includes beads in hair.
    • Rubber/cloth (elastic) bands may be used to control hair.  Metal, hard plastic or any unyielding material is prohibited.
    • Jewelry is prohibited.  General jewelry includes earrings, finger rings, tongue rings, necklaces, hair beads, or other piercings or adornments that could pose a safety risk to any intramural participant.

    D.    Protests

    • There will be no protests of judgment calls.  Protests of rule interpretation must be made at the time of the incident.
    • Supervisors will be called into administer the rule or protest.  Their decision will be final.
    • Eligibility protests must be submitted in writing to Room 126, Student Recreation andFitnessCenterby12:00pmthe following business day of the game in question.

    E.    Blood Rule

    • A player, who is bleeding, has an open wound or has any blood on his/her uniform must leave the game and may not return until the problem properly addressed.  No player will be permitted to enter or reenter the game as long as there is blood on his/her jersey or uniform.

    Co-Recreational Basketball

    Rule 1: The Players and the Equipment
    Section 1:  The Players

    • The game shall be played by two teams of five players each with two males and three females or three males and two females.  A minimum of four players is necessary to play the game with two males and two females. These are the only acceptable combinations of males and females.

    Section 2:  The Ball

    • The use of a women’s ball is recommended.

    Rule 2: The Game, Timing Regulations and Scoring
    Section 1:  Starting the Game

    • The game will begin with a tip-off to determine which team gets possession of the ball to start the game.  The game will start with the team winning the coin toss in bounding the ball at the center line.

    Section 2:  Timing Regulations

    • The game shall consist of two twenty-minute halves.
    • The clock will run continuously until the last two minutes of the game of a close game when it will stop for all fouls, violations and time outs. 
    • Halftime will be three minutes in length.
    • Each team is permitted four time-outs per game, each one minute in length.  These time outs can be carried over to the overtime period.
    • If either team is winning by twenty points with two minutes or less remaining in the game, the game will be terminated.

     Section 3:  Overtime

    • If the score is tied at the end of regulation play, a two minute overtime period will be played.
    • The clock will stop on all fouls, violations and time outs for the duration of overtime.
    • Each team is granted an additional time out for the overtime period.
    • If the score is tied after the first overtime period, a second overtime period will be played exactly like the first overtime and so on.

    Section 4:  Scoring

    Each three point field goal will count as three points regardless of which sex scores.  In addition, each two-point field goal and free throw will count two points and one point respectively, regardless of whom scores.

    Rule 3: Fouls and Penalties
    Section 1:  Personal Fouls

    • Any player charged with a fifth personal foul shall be disqualified from the game.
    • All common fouls (non-shooting fouls) will result in a throw-in by the offended team, except during the final two minutes of the game.  During this time, all common fouls will result in a 1 and 1 free throws situation for the offended team.  Both teams are considered to be in the ‘bonus situation’ during this time.  All shooting fouls will result in the appropriate number of free throws (either two or three) being awarded to the shooter.
    • Two free throws will be attempted for intentional fouls, technical fouls and flagrant fouls.  The offended team gets possession of the ball after the free throws have been attempted.

    Rule 4:  Controlling Play
    Section 1: Restrictions for Male Players

    • A male player may guard a female player; however a male player may not block a female player’s attempted shot.  A warning will be issued the first time a male player blocks a female’s shot.  For each additional block, a technical foul will be issued.

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