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Indoor Soccer Game Rules rules

Field of Play:

The game will be played in gyms 109 and 127, with the basketball goals up.  All floor areas will be considered inbounds.  The wall areas below the covered windows are considered inbounds.  The white walls around the doors and storage rooms are inbounds.  All other areas are out of bounds and any touch by the ball in these areas will result in a kick in front of that spot.  The out of bounds areas include the bleachers, wall areas above the white, any structure attached to the ceiling, and the ceiling. Balls off the ceiling or its structures will result in a midfield kick.


There will be five players on the court per team to start the game.  A team may begin the game with three players.  If game time is reached and a team has three players the game will begin.  All players are required to show up ten minutes prior to game time. Substitutes are allowed at any time; however, the incoming sub may not touch the ball until the outgoing player leaves the court.  Players are encouraged to wear protective shin guards and must wear non-marking shoes.

Game Length:

The game will be two (15 minute) halves of continuous time. Overtime will be (1) 3 minute period, if tied, shoot out.  The format for a shoot-out will be as follows: 3 v 3, if tied, 1 v 1 until we have a winner.  The clock will stop only for injuries and official time-outs. After a goal the defending team has 5 seconds to put the ball into play with a goal kick (see goal kick rules).

Shooting/ Scoring:

A goal can only be scored in the opposite team’s defensive zone.  Any kick traveling more than half the length of the court without being touched by another player before entering the goal will result in a goal kick for the defensive team.  Any shot off the posts of the goal will result in a goal kick for the defending team.  A defensive player may not intentionally kick the ball into it own goal post (free kick will be awarded to the offense). Defensive players will be responsible for resetting goals.  After a score the defending team will have 5 seconds to put the ball into play with a goal kick.

Passes/ Goal Kicks:

A goal kick is to be played from the no touch zone of the defending goal.  Goal kicks must be received by the offensive player on the same side of the midfield line as the goal from where it is being played.  Defensive players must allow a 5-yard radius from the initial point of the goal kick and any kick in.

No Touch Box:

The no touch box will be the taped box extending six feet to each side and nine feet to the front of the goal.  Any touch inside this box by the defensive team will result in a goal for the offense.  Any touch by the offensive team will result in a goal kick by the defending team and no goal will be scored should the ball go in the goal.

Fouls/ Penalties:

Pushing, tripping, dangerous play, and other rough play fouls as judged by the officials will result in a direct kick for the other team and may provoke the issuance of a yellow card.  Slide tackling, slide blocking into an opposing player, and checking will result in a two-minute penalty and the issuance of a yellow card.  Repeated fouling will result in the issuance of a red card and a disqualification.  Penalties will be served in the penalty box next to the timekeeper.  The timekeeper will notify the offender when the penalty time has been served.  Any fouls inside the penalty area will result in a penalty kick.  Penalty kicks will be placed on the offensive team’s own side as marked by the X on the foul line.

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