Change of Status to F-1

If you are changing your status to an F-1 visa, please see the information below:

  • Some students begin their studies as H-4, F-2, or in some other visa category. Then, they may transition over to the F-1 visa category. This means that they are not new students at The University of Memphis, but they are newly F-1.
  • Our office will still need to see a change of status student when they start F-1 status, in the same way that we need to see new international students who have recently entered the U.S. Please be sure to come to our office at the start of the semester for paperwork check-in purposes.
  • Even if you have attended a new student orientation activity in the past, becoming a new F-1 has it's own unique features. Check with our office to make sure that all the I-20 related items are in good standing before you begin classes.

Check this page frequently for updates. As always, feel free to e-mail us at