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Three software groups are maintained on TigerLAN (TL):

  • Standard Software: general purpose software identified as standard for the University (e.g. MS Word, MS Excel)
  • Specialized Software: software requested by individual faculty or staff or departments (e.g. Maple, Visual Basic)
  • Freeware: (e.g. Mozilla Firefox, Adobe Reader)

The latest version of all standard software, and in some cases the previous version, is made available, unless problems are discovered during testing.

Specialized Software Additions

Specialized software can be purchased with Technology Access Fees (TAF) or departmental funds or can be provided by faculty or staff.

Software purchased with TAF

  • Faculty should submit a request to their Department Chair.
  • The Dean will submit faculty requests to the Dean's TAF Committee for consideration.
  • The Dean's TAF Committee will either approve or deny the request.
  • Requests to add specialized software purchased through TAF to a specific TL lab or to assign specialized software to a specific group or class section should be made by submitting a ticket at

Software purchased with departmental funds or provided by faculty or staff

  • Specialized software purchased outside of TAF will be added to TL only if it passes a functionality test that includes networkable, compatibility with other TL software, and resource requirements.
  • Requests must be approved by both the TL Team and the Dean's TAF Committee before software will be added to TL.
  • To request new specialized software additions to TL, submit a ticket at
  • For availability on the first day of class, new specialized software request tickets must be submitted at least two months prior to the first day of class.
  • After the initial semester additions, new specialized software requests submitted throughout the semester will be handled on a first come first served basis.  The standard turnaround time is two weeks.  The standard time estimate assumes both approval and technical compatibility.
  • Departments and faculty or staff should consult with both the College's Dean and their Local Support Provider (LSP) before purchasing any software intended for use in TL.
  • Software submitted by departments and faculty or staff for use in TL must include vendor documentation and proof of license.
  • When TL changes require a new version of specialized software, the original requesters of the specialized software are responsible for obtaining the new version.
  • Requesters of specialized software are responsible for providing end-user support.
  • Students can request specialized software through department or faculty sponsorship.
  • Specialized software that has not been used for one academic year will be removed from TL.  The original requester will be notified prior to removal.

Additional Assistance

For additional assistance, contact the umTech Service Desk at (901) 678-8888 or visit room 100 of the Administration Building.

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