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General Education [42-45 Credits]

New General Education Begins Fall 2004 - 36-41 credits

For a listing of University College requirements for general education, see the section entitled "DEGREE REQUIREMENTS" in University College description found in the Undergraduate Catalog.

To fulfill your Historical/Philosophical Heritage: Post-1500 requirement, it is recommended that you complete UNIV 3581 Faith, Reason, and Imagination. To fulfill your computation (C) and writing (W) intensive requirements, it is recommended that you register for ENGL 3604 Persuasive Writing (C, W). Your Special Project (UNIV 4995) will fulfill your integration (I) requirement.

Lower Division Hebrew Language Core

Course Title Credits
HEBR1101 Elementary Hebrew 3
HEBR1102 Elementary Hebrew 3
HEBR2201 Intermediate Hebrew 3
HEBR2202 Intermediate Hebrew 3

Religious Studies Core

UNIV2850 Religions of Abraham: Judaism, Christianity, Islam (3)

Upper Division Core

Because the Jewish people have a tradition that is four thousand years old, a two-year course sequence on the cultural heritage of the Jews is necessary in order to understand the origin, development, and condition of the Jews. In addition, since a certain religious and philosophical outlook characterizes this tradition, a two-course sequence in Jewish thought is also required.
Course Title Credits
JDST3201 Jewish Heritage I 3
JDST3202 Jewish Heritage II 3
JDST3801 Jewish Thought I 3
JDST3802 Jewish Thought II 3

Judaic Studies Electives
This category provides for study of texts and events that have shaped Jewish consciousness and for an understanding of a country and culture of signal importance to Jews around the world.

Course Title Credits
Jewish Heritage (Choose two or three)
ENGL4461 Bible as Literature 3
HIST3275 History of the Jewish People 3
JDST4661 Sacred Hebrew Texts 3
JDST4671 Jewish Literary Texts 3
JDST4841 Biblical Archaeology 3
Israel (Choose one or two)
JDST4820 Zionism 3
JDST4830 Politics of Israel 3
JDST4840 Israel: Antiquity and Modernity 3
As agreed to by the Judaic Studies Director, you may substitute the following courses for up to two courses listed under III.D. ñ or you may register for them as part of your general electives
JDST4700 Special Topics 3
JDST4900 Independent Study 3
Interdisciplinary Electives (Choose three)

Courses in this category provide you the opportunity to contextualize your courses in Judaic Studies, by completing courses in Anthropology, Art, History, Philosophy, Political Science, and/or Sociology.

ANTH4253 Anthropology of Religion 3
ARTH4121 Ancient Art of the Near East 3
HIST4272 Modern Middle East 3
HIST4320 Ancient Near East 3
PHIL3701 The Human and the Divine 3
PHIL4711 Philosophy of Religion 3
POLS3102 Religion and Politics 3
Thematic Studies (Six Semester Hours)
UNIV-35XX Thematic Studies 3,6
UNIV-45XX Advanced Thematic Studies 3,6
Special Project (Six to Nine Semester Hours)
UNIV-4990 Project Planning Seminar 3
UNIV-4995 Special Project 3,6

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