Communication and Program Committees

Wellness Wednesdays: a committee of SBA members that organize a weekly program to instill a sense of self-awareness regarding physical, mental, and emotional health to each student. This will involve student activities, guest speakers, and informational sessions throughout the academic year.

Faculty Presentations: a committee of SBA members that work to provide presentations by professors as an opportunity for the students to learn about the projects and studies of the faculty of Memphis Law.

Community Service Projects: a committee of SBA members that organizes community service projects as detailed by the Community Service Liaison in an official report each semester.

Career Service Office Committee: a committee of SBA members selected to work in cooperation with the law school's Career Service Office to foster open communication between the office and the student body.

3L Graduation Committee: a committee of SBA 3L members selected to work with the law school administration to prepare for the graduation ceremony. The committee will work to ensure the graduating class selects a graduation guest speaker, the professor of the year award, takes composite photos, chooses a 3L student class speaker, and any other graduation need.

Student Leaders Committee: a committee appointed by the SBA President with the goal of having active and frequent communication between all of the student organizations at Memphis Law. The committee members are the President, or equivalent there of, of each student organization. The Student Leader Committee will attempt to minimize conflicts and ensure the school events calendar works to the benefit of the majority the student body.

Event Committees

1L Class Welcome to Law School: an event at the end of Orientation to welcome the incoming 1L class to law school, and introduce them to the SBA.

Memphis Law Golf Tournament: a fundraising golf tournament hosted by the SBA. The proceeds will go to helping the SBA pay for other events, guest speakers, or student needs.

Trivia Night: a fun event geared towards building morale and relationship between professors and students. SBA provides prizes for the first, second, and third place teams, and for the team with the most creative team name.

Fall Festival: a festival in the fall semester for the student body to celebrate the law school community. Each student organization puts together a booth or activity for the fall festival. Several of the activities include: face-painting; hot apple cider; a chili cook-off; pumpkin carving; "Pie a Professor"; and more!

Auction: a fundraising event for the SBA. Donations from the local Memphis community will be auctioned off in a silent auction followed by a live auction. The live auction will consist of the donations provided by the Memphis Law Professors. The proceeds will go to the SBA to pay for other events, guest speakers, or student needs.

Grizz Night: a night where the student body goes to Fedex Forum together as a student body to cheer on the Memphis Grizzlies! The goal of the event is to foster school spirit, and a sense of community for law students, as well as the city of Memphis.

Barrister's Ball: an annual semi-formal event held to celebrate our law school community in an intimate and elegant setting. The goal of the celebration is to focus on the unification of each member of the student body and foster a spirit of fellowship.

ABA Mental Health Awareness Day: SBA Wellness Wednesday Committee will put together information and activities to bring awareness of the very real concerns of mental health.

Flaw Review: an annual event always free to the student body. It is a celebration of the academic year. Each class, 2L, 3L, 1L Section 11, 1L Section 12, and the faculty/administration will create and perform a skit poking fun and joking about things that occurred through out the year. The skits are filled with jokes aimed at good, clean fun to laugh at ourselves and enjoy each others company.

Race Judicata: an annual 5K held by the SBA as a community service fundraiser with the proceeds going to an organization or group in need.

3L Class Graduation Celebration: a party for the graduating class hosted by SBA to celebrate and honor the achievements of the class, and to acknowledge their contributions to the law school.

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