Volume 48, Book 2


Lee Harris, Promotion Without Progress


Bobbi Jo Boyd, Embracing Our Public Purpose: A Value-Based Lawyer-Licensing Model


Adam J. MacLeod, Metaphysical Right and Practical Obligations

J. William Callison, Dangling Threads: Hobby Lobby and Corporate Law Issues


George S. Scoville III, Curtailing the Cudgel of "Coordination" by Curing Confusion: How States Can Fix What the Feds Got Wrong on Campaign Finance

Marguerite W. McGowan, Do As I Say (Not As I Do): Tennessee's Appellate Standard of Review of Expert Witness Qualifications in Health Care Liability Actions

Mallory H. Farrar, Everything You Tell Me Will Remain Confidential (Maybe): The Client's Right to Know About Tennessee's Confidentiality Disclosure Exceptions

Kaitlyn Abernathy Hansen, A Distinction Without a Difference: Revisiting the Constitutionality of Additur in Federal Courts

Adrian A. Vivar, It's (Almost) My Money and I Need It Now: Facilitating Information to Encourage Competition in Tennessee's Payday Lending Markets


L. Mathew Jehl, Clear Error or De Novo--State v. Whited: Did the Court Inadvertently Introduce a New Appellate Standard of Review in Tennessee in Its Opinion in a Child Pornography Case?

Volume 48, Book 1


Steven Semeraro, Partisan Gerrymandering: Is There No Shame in It or Have Politicians Become Shameless?


Cory Howard, Financial Crimes Compliance Self-Governance: Applying the Faragher Defense to Bank Secrecy Act/Anti-Money Laundering Violations

James M. Rice, Looking Past the Label: An Analysis of the Measures Underlying "Sanctuary Cities"

Noam Sher, The Best Welfare Point: A New Compensation Criterion and Goal for Tort Law

Mark A. Goldfeder & Michelle K. Terry, To Repeal or Not Repeal: The Johnson Amendment

Jesse D.H. Snyder & Andrew F. Gann Jr., Staying True to the False Claims Act: Why the Government Is an Unexplored Prime Vehicle to Dismiss Cases


Elizabeth B. Stagich, Fresh from the Farm: Regulating Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations for Antibiotic Abuse in Tennessee