Center Purpose and Vision

Center Purpose

The purpose of the Center is to advance the preparation of educational leaders through university/school district partnerships that foster clinical field experiences, broad-based instruction, action research, and support services for emergent and practicing school leaders. The unique design of the Center affords program participants an opportunity to collaborate with effective practicing leaders in elementary and secondary institutions and benefit from their attributes, skills, and behaviors. More specifically, instructional activities and clinical field experiences are designed to advance those attributes, skills, and behaviors in emergent leaders with some degree of predictable success. In addition, practicing school leaders are provided support services in a variety of areas designed to enhance their success in school leadership.


The emphasis is on using four pathways to implement programs that incorporate 14 competencies, reflecting both the quality and responsibility of effective school leadership. Using these pathways, the Center for Urban School Leadership at The University of Memphis has become a premiere resource for the preparation of school leaders, serving as a model for the licensure of effective leaders and providing support services to schools and school districts throughout West Tennessee.