Higher and Adult Education

The Higher and Adult Education (HIAD) Program has established two admissions applications deadlines each year—April 1st and November 1st. For application or program-related inquiries, please contact us by phone at 901-678-2256 or by email at HIAD@memphis.edu. Admissions requirements are set forth by the Office of Graduate Admissions and the Graduate Bulletin.

One of the most exciting facets of this program is its suitability for candidates from diverse professional and educational backgrounds, in as much as learning takes place in countless settings. Students currently enrolled in the program have academic backgrounds in the fields of Nursing, Accounting, Dental Hygiene, Music, English, Physical Therapy, Counseling, and Liberal Studies, to name more than a few.

Still unsure how or where you might use one of these degrees? Our graduates are currently serving as:

  • Community College President
  • Academic Department Dean
  • College Vice President
  • Law School Associate Dean
  • Dean of Students
  • Professor
  • Researcher
  • Institutional Research Director
  • Residence Life Director
  • Curriculum Planning Director
  • Experiential Learning Director
  • Development Director
  • Dietetics Director
  • Information Technology Administrator
  • Academic Advisor
  • Hospital Administrator
  • Student Affairs Professional
  • Human Resources Professional


Student Personnel Association

The Student Personnel program hosts the Student Personnel Association (SPA). The goals of SPA are to promote the University of Memphis' Student Personnel graduate program and the student affairs profession; to provide professional development and career networking opportunities to its members; and to create a supportive community among students in the Student Personnel graduate program. It is established to support the educational goals of the University of Memphis' College Student Personnel master's program, to promote the field of student affairs, and to provide a sense of community for students in the program.
For more information on the organization, contact the SPA advisor, Dr. Donna Menke at djmenke@memphis.edu.