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Andy Ling | James Johnson | Ashley Odom

Kaitlin O'Malley

LeaderShape® revealed to me a variety of ways to carry out the visions I have for myself and others. I enjoyed the intelligent discussions surrounding several different issues, and LeaderShape® strengthened my leadership abilities. I had a wonderful time and encourage others to take part.

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Jasmin Nuhic

There were so many good things that happen during the LeaderShape® week.....the LeaderShape® experience was like no other - unique in every sense of this word, and most importantly it was very exciting (new friends and a lot of fun), encouraging (all about positive attitude) and inspiring (creating and "seeing" a vision). The learning through awesome leadership related materials and the location itself was very effective while on top of that the entire week was challenging as we had to come up with a blue-print for a "service to society" project, which I think ignited our passions about the things that we always cared about, yet nobody ever gave us opportunity - time, place and mentoring, to do something about it.....

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Terrance Stevenson

LeaderShape® was a great opportunity for me to connect with other leaders on campus and share my experiences with campus involvement. I enjoyed it because it helped me visualize some of my future plans in an encouraging environment.

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Mallory Huber

I had been to other leadership institutes all telling me the same old thing, and it all got to be pretty boring. Going into LeaderShape® I tried to keep an open mind about what I was going to learn. Boy! Was I surprised! The leaders put all the information into easy to grasp and fun experiences. I took so much away from LeaderShape®... more than any other conference I've been to. I took away things that I think about and work on everyday to become the leader I am meant to be.

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Andy Ling

Exciting – Enlightening – Exceeding expectations.

LeaderShape® will change the way you view life, motivate you to go above and beyond, inspire you to achieve your dreams, and ignite your passion for life. What you thought you could never do now becomes a possibility, what you have always envisioned can now become a reality.

LeaderShape® puts you in charge of your life, shows you how to make the most of it, and takes the passion within you to inspire others through your leadership.

An amazing program. A priceless experience.

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James Johnson

LeaderShape® is an experience that is unexplainable. It's a week that will last you the rest of your life.

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Ashley Odom

I believe that the LeaderShape® Institute is a great program for leaders on campus. I learned so many things that are already shaping my plans for the future. The program not only shapes your future goals, but it equips you with leadership skills that will help you with any area of your life whether it be organizations, community groups, even your relationships with peers. It was an amazing experience that showed the true meaning of "Leading with Integrity."

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