The University's Contracts and Signatory Authoritypolicy requires that all contracts, deeds and other legal instruments made in the ordinary course of the business of the University be executed by the President of the University or one of his designees. No University, college, school, department, center, institute, University recognized student organization, or other internal entity has authority to contract on the University's behalf in its own name. Only those who have specifically been designated authority may sign contracts on behalf of the University or any of its colleges or departments.

Contract Review Process

All contracts reviewed by the Office of Legal Counsel must be accompanied by the Contract Form. The contract form will provide the Office of Legal Counsel with the necessary information to expedite the contract review process more efficiently. To obtain a copy of the contract form you can come by the Office of Legal Counsel in 201 Administration Bldg.

The status of contracts reviewed by the Office of Legal Counsel are available online. All contracts listed on the contract status have been assigned a contract tracking number to ensure confidentiality. Please refer to the tracking number when checking the status. View Contract Status. For an explanation of the contract status chart, visit Contract Explanation.