Volunteers - Legal Counsel - University of Memphis


All volunteers utilized in any University program must be registered with the Tennessee Board of Claims. Registration is necessary for both the volunteer and the University to be protected from liability for claims arising out of the volunteer’s service on behalf of the University. Registration is also necessary to insure that volunteers and/or the University will be reimbursed for the cost of defense in the event of such a claim. TCA§9-8-307 (h)

Volunteers may include, but are not limited to, members of the community serving on University committees and students who provide services for various departments or programs. Student leaders (i.e.; SGA president) as well as unpaid persons in athletics and other areas are considered volunteers. Graduate assistants and other student workers who receive wages from the University do not need to register. In addition, volunteers in the medical profession who are providing direct health care are considered "state employees" under the defense reimbursement provisions for purposes of medical malpractice. TCA §8-42-101(3) (B).

Both a volunteer registration form and a statement of understanding form must be completed for each volunteer. Please return all completed and signed forms to the Office of Legal Counsel; 201 Administration Building. We will submit the necessary information and forms to the Board of Claims.

Volunteer Forms