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Lost & Found Policy

Lost and Found Policy

The University of Memphis Libraries Lost and Found Policy and Procedures

The University of Memphis Libraries Lost and Found Policy and Procedures apply to the McWherter Library and the branch libraries (Audio & Speech Language Pathology, Chemistry, Mathematics, and Music). The McWherter Library Lost and Found is located in the Circulation Department. The branch libraries either maintain a Lost and Found in the branch or use one in their academic department office. All lost and found items will be kept in a secure location until they are either claimed by the owner or turned over to the ID Center, the Public Safety Office, or the academic department office of a branch library. Items turned in to an academic department office will no longer be the responsibility of the branch and are not covered by this policy after that time. Listed below are procedures to be followed.

1) Turn lost items in to Lost and Found as soon as possible, but not later than the end of the business day on which they were found. Until lost items are turned in to Lost and Found they will be kept in a controlled holding area accessible to library staff only.

2) Record items of value such as wallets, purses, keys, backpacks, and electronic devices in the Lost and Found Logbook at the time they are turned in. Information requested in the logbook will help to ensure items are accounted for and returned to the rightful owners. Fill out the logbook completely and accurately. Completed logbook sheets will be kept on file at the location where filled out.

3) Place the Lost and Found Logbook with lost items in a locked location such as a drawer, cabinet, or room. The key should be accessible only to those individuals authorized by the library department head.

4) Items of lesser value such as notebooks, umbrellas, and articles of clothing are not required to be entered into the logbook or placed in a locked location. However, these items will be kept in a controlled area accessible to library staff only.

5) Circulation will take unclaimed IDs to the ID Center once a week on Thursday or Friday. Branches will either take IDs directly to the ID Center or give them to Circulation to be taken.

6) To attempt to ensure lost items are returned to the rightful owners, persons claiming items will be asked to describe the items and to provide identification. Claimants must sign for items that have been entered into the logbook before the items will be released to them.

7) Items in Lost and Found which are not claimed by the end of each semester are taken to the Public Safety Office.


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