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Job Sharing & Tiger Mentoring—How it works:

1. Cornell Sneed visits each team interested in Job Sharing or having a mentor

2. Student-athletes sign up with Cornell

3. Cornell, M Club, or Academic Counselors find a suitable connection between a student-athletes interests and the experiences of the employers or mentors through information from Tiger Mentor Database

4. Cornell informs the appointed Coaches on each team of who has decided to participate during that semester

5. At the beginning of each semester, Cornell outlines the responsibilities and expectations to the student-athletes at the Job Sharing Social held in the Hall of Fame Assembly Room. Here the student-athletes learn about how to get in contact with the employers or mentors, what the student-athletes expect to get out of the program, the time frame for contact, the appropriate clothing to wear and what kinds of situations the student-athletes should expect during the process.

6. Cornell will provide contact information to the student-athletes

7. Cornell then follows up with the appointed Coach on each team to deliver the same information and who has been paired up.

8. As more employers or mentors are found for each student-athlete, Cornell will inform both the student-athlete and the Coach

9. The student-athlete will contact the employer and set up a schedule of contacting and visiting. Each student-athlete will be provided a worksheet for the job shadowing experience. This worksheet will be filled out along the process and the responses will be emailed to Cornell who will fill out the same worksheet.

10. The student-athlete will give weekly updates to Cornell about the progress of their experience. If Cornell has not heard from the student-athlete, Cornell will notify the Coach who will then contact the student-athlete for a response.

11. Once the job sharing and/or mentoring has completed, the student-athlete and the employer will fill out a reflection survey found online. The link will be sent by Cornell once the student-athlete has informed Cornell the experience is over.

12. The student-athlete will send a thank you letter or email to the employer or mentor

13. The student-athlete will send one last email to Cornell stating they completed the reflection survey and sent a thank you card to the employer

14. Cornell will keep the info sheet for each student-athlete during their time at Memphis 

Job Sharing vs. Tiger Mentoring

  • Tiger Mentoring will begin the same way as the Job Sharing, but will be based more on the communication between the student-athlete and the mentor
  • Job sharing involves on the job observing where the student-athlete can spend time with the employer(s) and see firsthand what the experience offers
  • Tiger Mentoring is more communication-based where the student-athlete and the mentor either meet in person, talk on the phone, or exchange emails.
  • Tiger Mentors can be those in the community that no longer work, or have other interests besides their current employment
  • Tiger Mentors sign up to be someone that can be a constant contact for at least one semester for the student-athlete so that if the student-athlete has questions about majors, jobs, internships and life in general, they are able to communicate those to the mentor
  • Both job sharing and Tiger Mentoring hope to create a networking system for the student-athlete to use throughout their professional lives
  • Job sharing requires more work-related commitment from the employer and the student-athlete, but allows the student-athlete a great experience

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