Vision, Mission, Objectives

Vision Statement

"We will work toward building true community."

Sandra Brown Turner

Mission/Purpose Statement

The Barbara K. Lipman Early Childhood School and Research Institute is the laboratory/demonstration school of the University of Memphis, College of Education. Its purposes are to provide developmentally appropriate programs for children two through six years of age, to demonstrate best practices for students preparing for careers working with young children, to facilitate research opportunities, and to model educational leadership to the larger community.


The guiding objective for the Lipman School is to support the mission of the College of Education, in preparing education professionals. Because we are the early childhood demonstration school we are committed to:

For Children and Families -

Supporting all families.
Facilitating a community of active learners.
Promoting independence and critical thinking.
Forming positive concepts of self, family and community.

For College of Education -

Collaborating with students and faculty to observe, to learn about, and conduct research about young children.
Modeling best practices in early childhood education.
Serving as a Professional Development School (PDS).
Participating in professional partnerships to promote excellence in the teaching of young children.

For Community -

Commitment to teaching about early childhood developmentally appropriate practices.
Advocacy for children and families.