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Peter Wright holds the University of Memphis Endowed Chair of Excellence in Free Enterprise Management. He received his M.B.A. and Ph.D. from the Louisiana State University. He served as the owner and managing director of an industrial component firm with transactions across North America, Europe, Middle East, and Far East. He has consulted with Union Carbide, Eastman Kodak, Alcoa, as well as privately held firms.

Professor Wright has published management and strategic management textbooks. His publications appear in leading journals, such as Strategic Management Journal, Academy of Management Journal, Academy of Management Review, Academy of Management Executive, Academy of Management Perspectives, Journal of Management, Strategic Organization, Harvard Business Review, Journal of Banking and Finance, Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science, among others. His writings have been published by Harvard Business School Press, Allyn and Bacon, Prentice Hall, Dame Thomson, Business Publications, Penguin, Hawthorn, Elsevier Science, Irwin, University of Southern California Press, Pearson, and Sage, among others. His academic publications have been reported by the CBS Television Evening News, the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, Business Week, the Economist, the Commercial Appeal, among others.

His current research encompasses corporate governance, agency theory, tournament theory, valuation of firm investments, among others.  Professor Wright is a member of the Academy of Management and the Strategic Management Society.


Representative Publications

Krug, J. A., Wright, P., & Kroll, M., "Top Management Turnover Following Mergers & Acquisitions:  Solid Research To Date But Much To Be Learned," Academy of Management Perspectives, 28, 2014, pp. 147-163. 

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Teaching areas include strategic management at the Ph.D. seminar, M.B.A., and undergraduate levels. 

Professor Wright has chaired the dissertation committees of fifteen Ph.D. students and served on the committees of six additional Ph.D. students. 



Service to the University, the Fogelman College of Business & Economics, and to the Department of Management: 

  • University President's Chairs of Excellence Council
  • Chair and committee member of University College Students
  • Member of University Council for Graduate Studies
  • Faculty Senate Representative
  • Chair, College Ph.D. Program Committee
  • Member of Teaching Excellence Fellowship Selection Committee
  • Member of College of Business Teaching Excellence Award Committee
  • Member of College of Business Tenure and Promotion Committee
  • Member of College of Business Roles and Rewards Committee
  • Chair, Department of Management Tenure and Promotion Committee
  • Chair, Search Committee for Recruiting Faculty in Strategic Management
  • Member of Management Graduate Programs Committee

Service to Management Discipline

  • Ad hoc reviewer, Strategic Management Journal
  • Ad hoc reviewer, Academy of Management Journal
  • Ad hoc reviewer, Academy of Management Review
  • Ad hoc reviewer, Administrative Science Quarterly
  • Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Management.
  • Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Business Research
  • Ad hoc reviewer, Journal of Management Studies
  • Ad hoc reviewer, Southern Management Association
  • Reviewer, National Academy of Management
  • Editorial Board, American Business Review.
  • Special Issues Editor, Business Perspectives
  • Associate Editor, Journal of Management in Practice
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Business Strategies
  • Member, Strategic Management Society
  • Member, Academy of Management
  • Outside reviewer, Tenure & Promotions decisions for various universities